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  1. The first interplanetary mission is launched heading to Niven. First stage sep and fairing sep. Transfer burn to Niven. And coasting to circularization burn.
  2. Galileo went to Ceti Arrival Costing to landing burn PR work Home at last. And a happy parachute was had.
  3. Big Mission taking Poody to land on Iota Finishing up the trans Iota burn. Arrival at Iota Photo Op And a happy Poody back on Gael
  4. Today Galileo heads to Ceti Second stage at sun rise Arrival Obligatory Spacewalk And return
  5. It was time to launch a relay satellite to Iota. Faring sep Capture burn And on station.
  6. (Wait there's more!) The Iota flyby is Poody's first flight. Lift off Approaching Iota. And getting the Science. And a happy landing is had.
  7. I sent a relay satellite up. Passing over the South Pole
  8. Probes were launched to the moons of Gael. First to Ceti. Then to Iota. capture burn at Iota.
  9. At first things went sideways. But the next rocket was better. And in orbit scanning away.
  10. After my JNSQ save started acting weird, I decided to start a x2.5 scale GPP game. The first orbit around Gael launches. Jeb does some EVA science. The fiery re-entry is had And a good chute is had.
  11. I use an auto pilot, Gravity Turn, for launches. I have no business piloting anything flying through the air with my reflexes. I have found engine gimble works well enough while using it. I did not think of shutting down the opposite engine. Too busy panicking I guess.
  12. A routine launch to the station. Followed by a not routine engine failure with 1 of 4 radial engines on approach to the station. Having to scrub off 100 m/s while not going over 1/4 throttle in order to maintain control was a challenge. But just managed to not overshot. And got it docked. The first crew is sent up. And docks
  13. A module was sent to the station. Then a probe to Jool. And coasting to a course correction 320 days away.
  14. The plan was to launch a Life Support Module. It..... did not start off in a promising manner. And it did not end well. The second launch went better. And the first of many modules for the new station is ready for business.
  15. The Kerbals went to Minmus again with a different crew They landed near the North pole of Minmus. And it turns out in a shadow so things were cut short due to running out of electricity. Back to the SM for the trip home to the big blue marble. And who doesn't like explosions? I mean if they are far enough away of course.
  16. Deorbited an unmanned station. And launched a kerbaled replacement. then launched a mission to Minmus with new vehicles. After the Minmus burn the SM separates, then flips and docks with the lander. Bob is the first scientist on Minmus. He puts his Geology degree to work by finding a rock. And a routine reentry and landing was had by all
  17. Scott Manley take is that it lost control authority well before it reached the altitude for stage separation and stage separation was not attempted. Many things went wrong on this one but dang what a glorious failure.
  18. A set of space craft were sent to Eve. The APL arrives. Chute out and science under way Landed Arrival of the mapper. Disposed of the decel stage.
  19. Tested the new 3 kerbal capsule. In orbit. Two kerbals get their first star. Re-entry And a happy landing.
  20. I sent a a scanning satellite to Duna. Second stage sep followed by fairing sep We have a flyby of Ike. And doing the scanning. Also testing was conducted.
  21. A scanning satellite to Minmus lifts off. Solids jettison Fairing separation. Arrival at Minmus And on station
  22. I loaded up ScanSat and then launched some satellites. First to polar orbit around Kerbin And then to the Mun.
  23. Val and Jeb head out to Minmus. They meet up with the lander and Jeb heads to the surface in it. Jeb poses for the camera A quick trip to the Sci-Stop to pick up science and fuel. (Franchises are available ) And an uneventful trip was had back to Kerbin.
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