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  1. It's all of them for me where I can't assign VTOL parts to their own action groups in the SPH/VAB, I can for example go to action groups, select a stock engine and assign it to toggle with the use of action group 1, but I can't do anything or even select the VTOL parts, thanks
  2. @blowfish is the signature available on mobile devices? I can't see it on my phone, maybe it's somewhere else but is it near your name on replies or do I have to check on your profile? Thanks
  3. @XOC2008 how did you launch that boat? When I did my tri hull ship launch it is back heavy, did you have that same problem too?
  4. Hey OP, just curious which direction do you think your going with this mod?
  5. I also had this problem come up randomly when building vtols, the fuselage section with a fan worked fine and then I closed it and got on the next day and I couldn't access the fan from the action group menu while building, has anyone else had this happen? I didn't add or remove any mods prior to the thing bugging out on me.
  6. I'm having a challenge with some of the vtol parts; you can't access them in the action groups, is there any fix to this? Thanks
  7. Thank you, Great mod by the way; the idea behind it is great and the execution is simple but effective. Really digging all of this. It's when I try to land a plane on it, it loads fine and goes in the water well but if I'm in a plane and approaching the ship, when it gets in view sight it blows my plane up and then when I load to the ship the thing goes up and down underwater.
  8. @strongest_2hu I solved the problem of needing a reverse thruster by adding a second water jet to the front, and going into action groups and setting it to breaks, that way when you push "b" it toggles it and when you release "b" it also turns off the breaks. I'm also having an issue when I go to try to land on my air craft carrier and it will kraken me 100% of the time, is anyone else having this issue? thanks.
  9. Hey, new to the ksp forum here. I downloaded the ww2 boat mod however the big sister's hyperlink links to kerbal stuff which is down right now so I was wondering if there was a new link to that. Also when I try to load a craft file from one of the people here who made the simple "Hull" I get an error trying to load it saying I'm missing this following part: "mumech.MJ2.AR202" would that part be from another mod? I've re-installed 3 times just wondering where that part is and what I'm missing, Thanks, Rock on
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