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  1. I want a list of about 15 mods that would be useful. and 1 or 2 that would improve my fps Please
  2. I'm missing a lot, ill list all the parts: Lok.DescentModule Lok.OrbitalModule Lok.Dockingmodule Lok.InstrumentServiseModule Soyuz.LK.pod Lk.DescentModule BlockD.Decoupler Block.D BlockG.Decoupler Block.G N1.Payload.Decoupler L3.Les L3.Les.seperation N1.BlockV BlockV.Decoupler N1.BlockB BlockB.Decoupler N1.BlockA L3.Shroud All of the FASA parts KzProcFairingSide2 There are way to many to list. But the game shows these are all stock ships. Ive tried to load it without mods and same thing happens
  3. i really don't know how to add screenshots XD but they don't even show the ship icons. its just that green thing and there are lots of parts missing. Its like I added a huge mod or something and it came with all of these ships. but I didn't. I uninstalled, reinstalled, verified game cache and everything I could. and they didn't show up. I'm using 1.1.3
  4. Ok so I go to load a preloaded ship, keep in mind I'm in sandbox mode. and it shows like, maybe 25-30 ships. most of them are locked saying locked or invalid parts. the only mods I have are ScanSat, Mechjeb, Chatterer, and ActiveTextureManagement. Please help.