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  1. Well it's only been out for a month, you haven't been missing out that long
  2. This mod is great and makes rovers be actually useful but the rover speeds seem pretty OP to me. Right now I have a rover being driven across the bumpy parts of Minmus by a noob engineer at 27m/s, whereas I have a hard time driving the same rover above 10m/s on the flats without losing control and flipping it. Is there a way I can edit down the default speed to a number that feels fair?
  3. Like I said the converter controls in the "manage operations" window don't do anything under this patch. I'm a noob just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Still wondering about this. Is there a guide somewhere on how to correctly patch a template?
  5. Forgive the noob questions but I'm trying to make some patches to get some basic USI-LS functionality into some Pathfinder parts and I can't figure out how to modify an existing template correctly. For example, I want to make the ponderosa habitat function exactly like a hitchhiker can does in USI-LS using this chunk of code copied directly from Roverdude's patch for the hitchhiker (other than the top line obviously): in the VAB, this seems to work properly. The USI-LS panel shows the extra habitation time like it should when the ponderosa is in habitat mode. But if I try actually de
  6. I had a mission to do some experiment on the Mun and then return it, so I flew a MOLE out there ran the experiment and then collected the science and left the MOLE behind for my return stage. I did not complete the contract when I got back. I guess I was supposed to bring some sort of container that could hold the experiment itself and not just the science? If you do return the experiment intact, do you get more science than just bringing back the report in a crew pod? Also, I set my scientist to pre-generating lab time in the MOLE during the journey, switched away to do some other bus
  7. It's in the OP, Restock overhauls the stock parts and Restock+ adds some new parts
  8. The Barrakuda - a cruising vessel meant to support long term interplanetary missions. It has a lander that can land and return from Duna, a couple of deployable relay/scanning satellite probes, greenhouses and enough crew space to keep 6 kerbals happy for years with USI Life Support. Fully loaded the main engines have 4200 dV, though the crew section can detach and deploy nuke engines for another 3000 dV if it becomes necessary. more pics and details here if you're interested.
  9. Is there still a way to get the legacy parts? I have a beloved craft file from an old save I'm trying to revive and the one part preventing it from loading is the old version of the 2.5m greenhouse.
  10. Does the bumper let you fine tune the rotation without drifting because the magnetism is holding you steady? I hadn't thought to try that.
  11. Thanks tom, downloaded the update and the parts look great!
  12. That sounds cool. I probably did do what you said because this is my first Pathfinder base and I'm still feeling out how all this stuff works.
  13. The version in the curse link is the old version for KSP 1.1.2 though, right?
  14. Tried both the github link in the OP and CKAN, as Stratickus did upthread.
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