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  1. It's fairly frustrating when trying to tweak sensitivities and dead zones to leave a game and go back to the main screen, make a change, play game, leave game, main menu, tweak settings, save, load game, test settings, leave game, tweak settings etc etc. Can we please have an input edit button on the "Escape" Menu?
  2. you are right, however while one scientist could hoard all of the reports from multiple biomes on him, he would still have to revisit all of the areas for crew/eva reports, since you can only have one on you unless your extracting it from a command module
  3. I mean.... this rudimentary device would logically address holding only one EVA report at a time.
  4. Just a way to store experiments, you could right click and collect experiments like you can from a normal module, but it would not be able to run its experiments, while you could just keep collecting goo samples and science experiements on you, you cant do multiple EVA reports and hold them all without making a trip back to the capsule for every single endeavor
  5. My idea is a basic storage box / tool box that can be mounted onto a rover, for storing extracted science, as you need a module to store data and the control seat is not a module.