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  1. This mod is great, but i have no idea how to even get to the nearest star. Is it even possible? How do you guys set up your orbits on such a scale?
  2. From the Unity website, in the "Made with Unity" section. Got the demo, and shortly after, bought the full game.
  3. I can't take any other space game seriously anymore. No man's sky might be good, but I will prpbably we frustrated with being able to simply fly towards planets Having said that, I watch Neil De Grasse and Michio Kaku every single day since I bought KSP. EDIT: Also, browsing the forums is an addiction of mine.
  4. Locking one girl in a small capsule with 3 men for a few years goes against my morals.
  5. Hi. I've been saving my kerbals from dying by EVAing mid flight above oceans. They don't die on impact with the water. I feel like this is a bug and I'm exploiting it. Does anyone else do this?
  6. NASA has a rock radio station called "Third Rock Radio". That's what I put on while playing KSP. I just thought that I'd mention it, since I haven't seen it mentioned before.
  7. This is my Duna space station. It got there in a single launch, but the docked ship was launched separatelly. The docked ship is serves as a fuel tank for other ships to use. Docking the fuel ship was a nightmare.
  8. Sorry, I just realised that I've been quoted. No, I do not have FAR installed. About the docking port, it just stopped spamming errors. Must have been a conflict with another mod.
  9. I've found that thanks to the very efficient engines, I'm able to create reasonably sized interplanetary ships with a low part count. This vessel can go anywhere within the solar system. A trip to Eeloo and back left me with a half full fuel tank in a previous launch.
  10. Thanks for the release. There is one major flaw with this mod though: a simple rocket with a fuel generator can leave the solar system. All because of the Fuel Generator cell. Is that intentional? If this must exist, I wouldn't have the fuel generator generate such big amount of fuel. Instead of generating hundreds of fuel units per second, it would make more sense to generate at most 1 unit per second, and take a lot more electricity (20 units of electricity/sec into 1 fuel/sec && 1 oxidiser/sec). The way the mod is now, there is no challenge to get anywhere. This is just the opinion of one, untalented Wolfdog
  11. @dresoccer4 is having the same problem as I am. This is what stops me from reaching orbit. I am quite confident with my piloting skills, but thanks for suggesting the mod anyway.
  12. The Ranger is also insanely hard to get into orbit. I did it many times with the 1.0.5 version, with fuel to spare, but now I can't no matter how hard I try - I always run out of fuel.
  13. An annoying thing I've noticed is that the Ranger docking port spams Null Reference Errors. Can anyone confirm?
  14. That's the way I was doing it. I use Space Y Heavy Lifters boosters for the task.