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  1. When they said no Aliens i thought they meant other intelligent life. Taking away microbe life and plant life, etc. Seems a little too extreme.
  2. Honestly i just want humanity to get off this damn planet as soon as possible. Not send little robots everywhere.
  3. This looks amazing! Not sure if this was already asked. But do you have plans to make it possible to plan gravity assists/slingshots?
  4. Clouds would ruin it...? ..Go home pango, youre drunk.
  5. Once KSP gets final release, you mods are gonna have alot of work if you want to keep these forums "family safe". Which probably wont work out lol. Liked the story, but just wish the ending was a little "more"
  6. ...I thought FTL meant moving space around a bubble. So therotically your not going faster than light, your pretty much not moving AT ALL. Just moving the space around you to get to your destination. However, light speed using chemicals or other sorts, would probably apply to what you just said.
  7. Wow looks great. And "amazing" is a bit too strong of a word lol
  8. ^^^^ Wow your spelling is horrible. And this is KSP, not real life.
  9. Must be Real time. Wont believe that time was in game time. Unless cheats were used.
  10. Eh? It barely takes any fuel to land back on kerbin because of its terminal velocity anyway.
  11. Too bad, deal with it. No one promised docking anyway...
  12. Decent. But someone did this, but on minmus before.
  13. A fragile rocket ship probably wont be able to destroy a meteor that weighs thousands or millions of tons. It would only destroy your ship.
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