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  1. If you simplify the refurbishment and replacement process enough, I suppose manned missions could take spare crush cores with them and replace them in-situ if needed. I don't know what's involved in the refurbishment though, so maybe it can't be made as simple as opening a hatch,taking out the old core, and sticking in the new one.
  2. I wonder how the folks up in the ISS feel about the prospect of having tourists underfoot in the near future.
  3. Huh, they seem to have missed the landing. That was unexpected.
  4. So the first colonists sent to Mars will be facing some sort of combination of the Oregon Trail on steroids, Amundsen's South Pole expedition, and an extended tour of duty in a submarine.
  5. I wonder, what sort of jobs will be available on Mars that allows one to pay back those loans?
  6. I was able to watch the orbital insertion from my backyard in North Carolina, it was the coolest thing ever. A tiny orange dot with a plume of light grey-orange streaming away from it, traveling across the sky.
  7. What's the touchdown speed for the Dragon Capsule? If it's low enough, perhaps you could just land on the recovery ship's helipad..
  8. Heh, true. I'm a bit more optimistic though. If that does happen, then I'll be happy to lambaste SpaceX with everyone else.
  9. If I recall correctly, all the issues with astronomy and the Starlink satellites have occurred while the offended satellites were still raising their orbits, right? Regardless, the article seems to be complaining about problems that SpaceX has said they're working on fixing, but then it whines that they haven't been able to instantly implement those fixes. One of it's proposed solutions is literally something Elon Musk has said they're trying to do (reduce reflectivity). The concerns are valid, but it sort of completely ignores that SpaceX has had their head honcho directly respond to those concerns and offer some solutions they're working on.
  10. Turn that dome upside down, fill it with milk, and it will have been a flying saucer. I'll see myself out.
  11. Camera 3 from the livestream has a nice view of it being blown off and falling back down.
  12. Ah, but we're primarily concerned about the coolness factor, for which the SRBs are essential.
  13. Maybe build a nice long-term habitat housing 100 as a welcoming gift.
  14. Solid fuel alone is apparently 11 of the 25 launches. That stuff is heavy.