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  1. Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Scott Manley has put out his opinion on this development:
  2. Heh, as I posted that, I thought to myself "This seems like the sort of question that gets NDA'd".
  3. @RoverDude Are you involved in KSP 2 in any way?
  4. I think we can be assured the KSP 2 is in safe hands. 70% of the trailer was of ships, not functioning properly, but crashing and exploding. They understand what it's all about.
  5. For those who aren't aware of it, this is the fan trailer that inspired the official one:
  6. If the real thing is half as impressive as the announcement trailer, I'll be a happy stranded astronaut camper.
  7. KSP Rated: This vehicle has demonstrated through extensive testing that each and every individual part will explode instantly upon exceeding design specifications and stress tolerances. Manufacturing quality has been shown to be at or below the quality of assorted items found at the side of the road, and reliability proven via multiple aborts, crashes, and unexplainable accelerations to .9999999 c.
  8. Beautiful. I look forward to crashing many failed skycranes onto such a delightful texture.
  9. I wonder if that Constellation tower escape system has a loop near the end... for "gravitationally assisted braking", obviously.
  10. The progress on Starhopper sort of reminds me of how quickly structures like the Empire State Building went up. It also reminds me that building a spacecraft takes less time than building a local freeway intersection...
  11. You know, the whole build the Hoppers in a field thing might be partially intended as a marketing tactic to promote SpaceX as compared to competitors that use a more conventional method of construction: "Our vehicles are so reliable that we can build them in in the open, exposed to dust, dirt, and the elements, and they'll still work perfectly fine."
  12. That graphic seems to be from last month, if I'm reading it right.
  13. Is the $35k price specifically for tourists, or is it a general price for any non-government funded astronaut?
  14. I can't really quantify it, but the brightest ones were about on par with a small-looking star with the naked eye, while the dimmer ones required binoculars to see clearly.
  15. The Starlink train just passed by eastern NC. It's an incredible sight, dozens of pinpricks moving across the sky.