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  1. lul you certain you typed that correctly? This update is going to be great. so looking forward to roving the Valles Marineris
  2. as long as rovers don't sink into the ground and explode anymore, I'll be happy. I just want to race my dune buggy around Olympus Mons a bit
  3. is there any way to make some of those bands rotate backwards? You see that on real Jupiter (irl Jupiter has storms that propagate retrograde) it could could real nice and accurate in other news about to embark on the moon again, here's hoping no explosions will occur. UPDATE: CATASTROPHIC FAILURE KSC thinks it was due to something called a "bug"
  4. So I was just driving a rover on the moon, and suddenly it sunk into the ground and exploded! DX What in the world could cause such a thing? edit: in other news, the moon is buggy for me note earth's lights on the moon
  5. To be fair, I'd rather keep the hurricane and the volumetric clouds rather than have the ocean
  6. Naw I dropped to high after I saw the terrible fps with ultra. It seems to be manageable now but I don't have the pretty ocean.
  7. Well I disabled ocean shaders and I gained a bunch of fps back, tho it does drop somewhat when going through clouds.
  8. Looks awesome! Question for you guys: any particular reason Scatterer is tanking my fps? As for Titan, that would be cool, but what I would really like to see is a more accurate atmosphere for the moon, as viewed in the visible spectrum. It's gotta have the characteristic haze, from orbit as well as the surface. Maybe you could add another cloud layer like Venus.
  9. Yes, spins. Retrograde rotation. on another note, I assume Triton is orbiting retrograde, yes? it is, *thumbs up*
  10. for the realism, it's gotta spin retrograde like in real life. I'd like to see sunrise in the west. I'll admit it's not that important for gameplay purposes, as the rotation speed is so slow anyway. retrograde cloud motion might be a good alternative. just flip the texture
  11. I'm no a modder, guys, so I am unsure if this is a game limitation: is there any way to make Venus spin retrograde? eagerly awaiting the update looks great
  12. @Berlin Looking at the clouds.cfg files, selfish_meme's has the storm entry while the one in the dl does not. Also, meme's clouds.cfg adds awesome clouds to Venus. I think I will stick with his, especially while the dl Venus looks like crap without clouds lulz
  13. @Berlin That sure fixed the problems, along with @selfish_meme's clouds.cfg. Hurricane is visible (tho it does rotate over the north pole, which looks funny). The moon's orientation is also fixed. Now, however, Titan has no clouds.
  14. Oh, thank god. Assuming then that hurricanes also don't show up in map view? I just haven't seen any hurricanes yet btw those pics of Saturn look HOT
  15. why am I getting this damn black bar around Saturn? I installed everything just as you said to do.
  16. I love this planet pack, and I'm sure it's the same with others. I don't mind a complete re-work if you're up to it, I can start a new save. But it's totally your choice dude. Personally I wish the ground textures were better. I thought everything was perfect until I got too close to the surface of Serran and it all blobbed together horribly. Made an account just to tell you that. Good luck!
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