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  1. Have some problems. Always when i look at sea or clouds from low distance game lagging so much. Is there solution? Because mode looks so nice. Yeah, sea is stock. Version of KSP 1.1.2
  2. Yeah, you really should post the craft file
  3. You can also use AoA tech. for f-22 engiens
  4. Ahh, no. I just want that spaceplane, bacause i am really crappy ship builder. But can you also give me that f-22. Cuz it awesome :>
  5. Anyone can give me Example crafts of this mod?
  6. Problem with crashes i fixed, but i can't toggle vtol on vtol engiens. This a problem with a game or mod?
  7. It often crashes the game. Also i can't toggle VTOL mode on my favorite ''Phoenix'' VTOL engine ( like in others VTOL engines). I Think that's all.
  8. Give a working link for this, please, this mod is awesome!!!!
  9. Add a mk22 (F-22) pack please! This will be cool! Another mk22 cockpit, a wings, and control surfaces!!! This will be cooooool!!!!