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  1. Duna sstv and more monoliths around!
  2. I guess for the ICT you need KJR and hangar extender
  3. Fantastic for a photoshop novice.
  4. 9/10 maybe a mega absol..
  5. Found a lot of bugs, especially with kerbal evas and geostationary orbits. Most of them is when the rocket is in flight when time warping and on the mun the kerbals always spagettifi.
  6. Watched all the previews, No krakens at all, well until danny2612 does his.
  7. Where's the git repo? I am guessing that Ares is the name of the mission to mars in the book "Voyage"
  8. RSO destruct. @Frybert where's my mod?
  9. Realism like, Very nice!
  10. In a dumpster in tokyo. Can a Student fail a test?
  11. Banned for fake celestial sunrise
  12. Yes but with noobs bait. can rockets explode them selfs during assembly?
  13. Yes but with chicken legs. Do kerbal even lift?
  14. And a sponsor! Nice!