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  1. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    The footage I got from my turn wasn't that good and I've given up on making it into a video. I'm gonna re-create it in a few days and then edit that. Sorry about the delay
  2. [Little late on this, sorry] Not proper space creatures, but grass and trees and stuff. Like Kerbin but only in a small spot around a volcano or something
  3. [1.3] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.04 [update 10/10/2017]

    I swear I read something somewhere that said a VTOL engine in this mod now runs on electriccharge. Is that true? Which one is it? Also, if you could make all the parts radial-mounting options, it would be great. The ones I really want are the Rontgen, structural fuselages, science lab, and large crew cabin
  4. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    It wasn't hurting my framerate either, but it was noticeably slowing down the game
  5. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    Video update - Editing is taking longer than expected. I was planning on finishing it up later tonight, but I can't find my flashdrive and my GTA Machine is at my mom's house, while I'm at my dad's house
  6. How do you suppose Kerbals engrave the plaques for flags?

    [I haven't read the other responses here] I've always assumed the flags and plaques were pre-made, and being able to type a message on the spot is just a gameplay thing. Also, the same thing applied to space probes before 1.2 - there were pre-programmed and being able to directly control them is just a gameplay thing
  7. Flat area for making sure [insert part here] is aligned right, or for cosmetic reasons? For the former, you just have to clip the camera inside the vessel and attach the part to the front of the part
  8. You mean like the 2.5-1.25 adapters? I like what you're suggesting, but I think the top/bottom should be curved like a normal Mk2 fuselage
  9. But from a coding(?) perspective, it's just swapping a couple of values and resources, right?
  10. I notice there's a poll for what parts we want to be added next. I certainly appreciate the smaller fuel tanks (btw, can we have a FLT-100-size liquid fuel tank? Thanks), but what I think we're lacking is a Mk1 nuclear jet engine. Like the one from Mk2 expansion but Mk1
  11. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    Done! Video coming soon Save file - If something's wrong, tell me and I'll fix it as soon as possible. This is the first time I've done something like this. I deleted my debris, sent the worker bees to the KSS and Super Bees to the Parking Lot Station, spawned a VTOL aircraft at the KSC, and placed a small rover at the beginning of the runway as a target for returning SSTOs Edit - The Super Bees have a rather large amount of parts. I don't have control over it to start with, but if it matters, I wouldn't mind if they were removed
  12. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    Just to be clear, the new station is KSS and has an asteroid docked with it, right? I don't want to send my worker bees to the wrong place
  13. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    Nevermind I got it!
  14. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    If you got a lot of them together it'd probably be possible, but they're more like baggage carts than the actual plane rocket @53miner53 Ummm.... I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to download the save file. I see the old versions, sign up sheet, screenshots, and modules, but not the main file. Could I have a direct link or something? Thanks
  15. Kommunity Space Station 1.3

    I'm bringing a pair of Mega Bees there and a set of four Worker Bees to the new station in a few minutes. Can you bring the Mega Bees with you when you move the last module? Worker Bee = Maneuvering drone Mega Bee = See 'Worker Bee' but make it about 3x more powerful