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  1. It's complicated - My most of my docking-capable craft don't have RCS thrusters, and the ones that do have them in odd places where my escort drones can't reach. These drones have a set of RCS ports and use them to escort a craft to a station for docking. I guess this falls under the first two?
  2. It's a prototype "detatchable SSTO". Once in orbit, the front part of the craft detaches and becomes its own orbiter while the "lower stage" stays in LKO waiting for the cockpit to return Thanks but this kinda defeats the point (from what I can see). The cockpit assembly was going to detach from the main craft and work as an orbital vessel, which was why I went with MK2. Why is MK2 so draggy anyway? Either way, thanks for the advice and I'll try to implement it. Also, why are the wings separated like that? Shouldn't they be right up next to the fuselage?"
  3. So I've been working on this SSTO for quite a while now ('bout tow hours at this point) and I just can't get it into space. I reckon I could if I could just break the sound barrier (and keep accelerating). Can someone who actually knows what they're doing give me some help? It's not that I'm bad at planes, I've been building planes for about a year and a half now. I just suck at SSTOs. In this case, it's probably aerodynamics, but I've done everything I can in that department; the nose used to be a shielded docking port, the nose cones clipping into the cargo bay were occluded intakes, and the wings were 45 deltas instead of slim deltas Here, take the .craft file - Also, you might want to try a few of my other crafts, just for fun
  4. This has quickly become one of my most-used mods, tied with Kerbal Engineer Redux. It allows me to build planes that won't spin out after they run out of fuel, make sure VTOLs function, and many other things. I can't thank you enough, @m4v
  5. I built this Munar rover for a kolony I'm working on. Unfortunately, it randomly shakes until a wheel breaks. When I repair it, it shakes until a different wheel breaks. This repeats indefinitely. Here's the .craft file so you can try it out yourself - By the way, control from the docking port clipped into the top of the lander can. Also, some parts are "floating"; here's how I did it in case you're curious or mess something up -
  6. But why can't they ALSO be in a shroud for deployable landers and return capsules?
  7. I need a tutorial on how to build Kraken Drives in the versions mentioned in the title. If someone has a download that'll fit inside a mk2 cargo bay, that would also be acceptable
  8. You know how engines have nodes on top for attaching to fuel tanks, and nodes on the bottom with shrouds for attaching decouplers? I think we need that for parachutes but the node on top has the shroud instead of the bottom! Also, there's probably a mod for this, but it should be stock
  9. What about atmospheric?
  10. I'm wondering how to construct a Kraken Drive, or a glitch device to harness physics bugs to generate a nonzero force on a vessel. It must be small enough to fit somewhat-comfortably in a (closed) Mk2 long cargo bay. I'm really looking for a rough tutorial than a prebuilt thing. Also, don't link me to the wiki page about it, it didn't help at all
  11. I'm just putting it out there, jeez
  12. So as GTA V fans have probably heard by now, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, the people who make GTA have sent a cease and desist letter to the creators of Open IV. Open IV is the biggest mod support... ummm... thing for GTA V. It's more or less the Module Manager of GTA. KSP was just acquired by Take-Two, so are we next? Let's make sure we aren't!
  13. Just crashing in to say I haven't forgot about this