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  1. Gift a copy to some of my friends and challenge them to an air race
  2. Okay, I got the collisions and whatnot to work, but I can't get the ports to detach from each other when connected in the VAB, even though they work fine when you dock them in flight. There are also no staging options available. I'm assuming this has something to do with decouplers, but I can't find any documentation on how to do that, or even if that's actually how it works. Can I have some help, please?
  3. RCS Build Aid is the one mod I can't live without. It allows you to see where your center of mass will be once all your fuel is drained, as well as some other useful stuff for balancing your RCS ports, engines, parachutes, etc.. I personally use it for building VTOLs, normal planes, rockets, rovers, etc.
  4. I'm working on a docking port mod right now. Once I actually figure out how to get things to decouple when they're attached in the VAB, I'll be sure to make a 5m port in addition to the standard 3 sizes.
  5. Hey, I'm having some issues making a docking port; I have the whole docking thing worked out (finally), but I can't figure out how to make them detach when they're already put together in the VAB. I'm pretty sure it's the same mechanism as a decoupler, but I can't find any (working) documentation on it. So... anyone know what to do?
  6. I second that. Of all the mods I use, RCS Build Aid is my one must-have mod. I don't even bother building things without it, it helps that much!
  7. Any idea why this isn't appearing in-game? I've also tried just applying the mesh to the 'meshatm2' object and not each individual part.
  8. Should each segment be its own individual object, or just one object made of separate "blocks"? I'm using 3ds Max for modeling if it matters
  9. Sorry to necro this thread, but how does one accomplish this? I'm trying to make a docking port with a hole through the middle, and several pits along the top of the ring to make docking at specific angles easier.
  10. I like to slow down near the large crater to the left of the desert and have the blue line disappear somewhere around the island runway. This brings me back to the KSC reliably enough to land an SSTO. If location doesn’t matter, I just go as fast as possible.
  11. Will it be possible to build colonies that aren’t on the ground/in space? For example, a very large boat that you can land rockets and planes on and move it around the ocean on Laythe? Or a balloon base that drifts about in Eve’s upper atmosphere? Colonies are definitely awesome, but I’d like them to be super flexible and fun to build.
  12. Why won't my custom docking ports connect? They don't show anything with staging or other options either. What am I doing wrong?
  13. RCS Build Aid, the one mod I cannot live without In other news, this is the first poll I've ever seen where "other" is in the lead!
  14. I want to edit the standard docking port's model in 3ds max. How do I 3ds max to actually open the file?
  15. I love what you did with the engines on that plane!