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  1. [1.3.1] Thor Tech v0.9.0 ~ [Feb 18, 2018]

    Is there a 1.4 update in the works?
  2. [1.4.1] Structural Tubing Restructured

  3. [1.4.1] RCS Build Aid Continued - New Dependencies

    Well that was faster than expected. Thanks!
  4. It would be great if the new foil tanks had attachment nodes like most other tanks. I see SOO many uses for them that just won't work without nodes. Even if it's just a MM patch, it would be great
  5. [1.3] USI Core (Reactors and Kontainers)

    dOeS iT Werk wif 1.4? I was wondering if you could add and modify a few parts - Maybe allow Karborundum in the karry kans, allow all resources in everything, add smaller ball containers, smaller cylinder containers kontainer tanks, and maybe throw in a tiny radiator and shortened 0.625m reactor while you're at it. I understand you've probably got your hands full with updating to 1.4 but I think adding those few parts would REALLY improve the mod.
  6. I can't figure out how to install the expansion. I already got it from the KSP store but I'm not sure what to do next. I'm on PC if it matters.
  7. I'm having trouble with the new parachutes. They're great and fun to use, but I want to deploy them without right-clicking on my kerbal. So I took to the code. I searched the landing gear, lights, and RCS-related parts and couldn't find anything related to action groups. So how do you set them? I know it's possible to assign action groups and staging to kerbals, just get in an EVA seat. I know next to nothing about this stuff, so a video tutorial would probably help the most but I'll take any help I can get.
  8. What the title says. Is there a way to make KSP work without having to right click on the icon in the folder and trudge through the files every single time?
  9. What is Your Favorite Moon?

    Minmus is incredibly useful, purdy, and fun to mess around on. Not to mention the absurd amount of science you can get from it compared to the Mun. Overall, just a great place in general. Also, I've been meaning to build a ground-based payload cannon with engines pointing in either direction and plop it on a mountain on Minmus
  10. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    It sucks but I made a video demonstrating that kerbals can already drop from space without a suit spacecraft -
  11. [1.3.1] Thor Tech v0.9.0 ~ [Feb 18, 2018]

    I finally used the Spitfire cockpit for something remotely similar to what it was meant for -
  12. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Will kerbals keep their heat-resistant properties once they have the chutes? It would re-enteering without a ship even more satisfying!