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  1. I like to slow down near the large crater to the left of the desert and have the blue line disappear somewhere around the island runway. This brings me back to the KSC reliably enough to land an SSTO. If location doesn’t matter, I just go as fast as possible.
  2. Will it be possible to build colonies that aren’t on the ground/in space? For example, a very large boat that you can land rockets and planes on and move it around the ocean on Laythe? Or a balloon base that drifts about in Eve’s upper atmosphere? Colonies are definitely awesome, but I’d like them to be super flexible and fun to build.
  3. Why won't my custom docking ports connect? They don't show anything with staging or other options either. What am I doing wrong?
  4. RCS Build Aid, the one mod I cannot live without In other news, this is the first poll I've ever seen where "other" is in the lead!
  5. I want to edit the standard docking port's model in 3ds max. How do I 3ds max to actually open the file?
  6. I love what you did with the engines on that plane!
  7. I hope they add some programability and logic stuffness. For a practical example, I'd want to be able to program a rocket to launch, deliver a payload to orbit, and then deorbit itself. For an impractical example, I'd want to be able to tell the wheels on a car to face forward prograde no matter how sideways it is.
  8. Hey, I'm having some trouble gliding my booster... thing back to the KSC. It has no trouble getting a payload into orbit, but it doesn't like coming back down. At roughly 1200m/s, the craft spins out of control on the yaw axis. I've tried moving the wings around, and added more yaw control, neither of which actually helped that much. What can I do to keep it from crashing? Important to note, there are two wing strakes with Elevon 4's on them underneath the wings, and I've drained the craft's fuel to give you a better idea of what it's like when dry. It crashes regardless of whether the airbrakes are deployed or not.
  9. Would it be possible to switch between Basic, Plus, Male, and Female ports mid-flight using animations(?) (like cargo bays)? I.e. having moving parts that can be deployed and retracted stuffed in one single part instead of having them separated into four different parts? Also, having Male, Female, and Plus versions of the Jr., standard, and Senior ports would help a lot! Also, maybe a sideways/linear port that you slide into instead of docking face-to-face and are only able to face forward or backward? Where a docking port is a reusable stack decoupler, the linear port would be a reusable radial decoupler. It'd be useful for removable wings on SSTOs, weapon racks, parasite fighters, re-attachable drop tanks, and other stuff. Either way, it's awesome to see Pico Port being maintained again! It's a surpsingly useful mod for the kind of stuff I do!
  10. Yeah. Front, top, and back. For example, you could put them on a VTOL's wings to control roll and yaw without having giant blocky conglomerations of ports in weird places and angles on the plane.
  11. Coud you add two-way ACS pods? Like the normal one-ways but with holes on both sloped parts? And three-ways too? Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I couldn't find the Deep Sky Core thread (and I searched around for a solid ten minutes)
  12. I built a VTOL cargo plane! It sports 20 Wheesley engines and more intakes than I can be bothered to count. Most of them are useless in flight but are needed to avoid flameouts when taking off vertically. I tried everything I could think of to reduce the number, including putting intakes on spinning servos to make them move faster (it didn't work). It can lift an almost-full orange tank and costs well over 100,000 funds. I'll post a download link once I work out the rest of the kinks.
  13. @linuxgurugamer, @FreeThinker, would either of you be interested in picking this mod up?
  14. I kept working on my ornithopter. I think I’m getting close to generating meaningful thrust. Maybe I need to push down as well as backwards? Maybe I’ll just go with a dolphin/chinese dragon kinda thing where just the tail flaps? My main issue is floppy robotics. Even with turning off damping and fiddling with autostruts, I just can’t get them to stop flopping!
  15. I have three suggestions for the Guard Mode AI - 1 - Have an option to make the AI attack anything that isn't on it's team, even if it doesn't have weapon manager on it. 2 - Have an option to double click on a vessel to have the AI attack it. 3 - Have an option to make the AI go psycho and attack anything that isn't itself, including friendlies. As of a few seconds ago, yes.