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  1. Oho, I'm going to have some fun with this.
  2. Project Zelus was a series of space missions conducted at KSC to explore the effects of weightlessness on the Kerbal body. It consisted of two missions. Zelus Kosmonauts: Eileen Kerman, Lanley Kerman Zelus-1 Zelus-1 was the maiden flight of the Palls ll rocket. The ship was expected to complete a suborbital flight and bring its crew of two back down to Kerbin safely, and it did just that! Lanley Kerman performed a few tests as he experienced weightlessness in the ship's capsule before re-entry. Duration: 15 Minutes, 25 Seconds Crew Size: 1, Lanley Kerman Outcome: Success! Zelus-2 Zelus-2 was expected to orbit Kerbin for roughly one day. Unfortunately, one of the fuel booster on the rocket exploded on the launch pad, forcing Eileen Kerman to use her ICAE (In Case of Awesome Explosion) system, which rocketed her and her capsule into the air at 50m/s. She deployed her parachutes, and didn't land far from KSP. Zelus-2 would be the last time KSC would use any kind of Pallas rocket, for they were considered far too dangerous for Kerbal use. Duration: 2 Minutes, 47 Seconds Crew Size: 1, Eileen Kerman Outcome: Failure!
  3. @Maximus97 Yikes! How unfortunate. I think I'll be working on another one of these sometime soon, they're fun to make.
  4. @Maximus97 It's the linked one in your forum signature.
  5. Really cool ships everyone! Glad we've got a lot of people participating in this challenge.