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  1. I used to play RO, but my puter' couldn't handle it and I got busier. So I went down to 6.4 scale, with Real Fuels, SMURFF, FAR, etc.
  2. I am using this with Sigma Dimensions (My own 0.64 patch, making it the same size as 6.4 scale Kerbol),@Galileo's 1.3 patch, RSSVE Lite, 1.3 Kopernicus (and dependicies), 1.3 EVE, tweakscale, Real Fuels (with RFstock CFGS) , and assorted part mods. With the 4k textures. Everything goes fine, until I try to start or load a save. Then it just says "Loading" Forever. Any ideas
  3. In 6.4 scale Kerbin, I launched a normal spacecraft. I waited till the engines spooled up (was using realfuels) I stage the clamps. The rocket stays completly still, hanging in the exact spot where the clamps had held it. I checked TWR, console, everything. here is my mod list: So, yeah.
  4. I take the.... (Red and blue, it's a hard decision) red pill!
  5. @Angel-125 is starting to become like @Nertea or @RoverDude in his amount and quality of mods. And like Roverdude and Nertea, I have downloaded every one of his mods.
  6. I love it, but one suggestion- Buffalo-form heathshield. It may (sadly) cover up the bottom window of the cab, but it would be worth it. I am attempting to make a reusable lunar lander in this form function, and in RO you can't just enter the atmosphere with no heatshield.
  7. quick question, is this compatible with Tweakscale?
  8. Just a suggestion, try using Blender. It's much easier to make textures with, and has multitude of tools that Wings sadly lacks.
  9. Where does the setup extract to?
  10. The problem was I had a module manager patch that overrides all textures. I deleted it, everything works now.
  11. It's not working. I edited all four of .cfgs. I first moved my images to squad/flags, and then i inserted their file name, and display name. Here is an example:
  12. Quick question, does anyone have a template CFG I can drop textures into for this mod?
  13. Could someone make a patch for my tenX galileo packplaythrough?I am about to land kerbals on Iota, so I need a patch for that,
  14. Can you update this to 1.3?