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  1. True. The user below me has a degree from a Ivy League school.
  2. Hey @Just Jim, you should make a "making of" post or thread. That would be very interesting!
  3. No, I like mods, and LOVE star trek. Maybe move this to the AddOn dev section? Lol
  4. I have been playing RO for several months, stored in my Documents folder. It has been working well. Yesterday I started it up and the RP-O was all messed up, different parts were there, it just fell apart.What is happening?
  5. Woah, is that a Saturn Family with Dpace Shuttle -boosters and tanks? I presume the first stage engines were M-1s?
  6. One question: will the Making History expansion be avalible on Consoles as well?
  7. Thanks! I have never been able to get mechjeb to work It always makes the gravity turns too long or too short or flips the rocket. EDIT: Also sorry for complaining that i dont get any praise . Who does that!?
  8. OK, so this is a big post, as I am sharing my space shuttle and 100 ton lifter. Let's start with the shuttle: In the VAB In the VAB, cont. On the pad The dual rd-180s of the first stage ignite. liftoff Gravity turn Rd-180 sep and vaccum engine ignition Engine burning Burning... Dedford and Jeb are happy Vaccum stage Sep Shuttle in orbit. The rear section containing the Docking Port and deorbit engines is thrown away later. OMS detail Retro burn Bye OMS, enjoy burning up Good landing. The shuttle cannot carry cargo but is an effective and reusable crew transport. The RD-180's have parachutes on them and are recovered. Floats prevent the water from reaching the engines. Now to the heavy lifter, the Dremios 5- Dremios 5 with a dummy payload i used for testing, hence the "Demonstration 100 [tons]" The buisness end. Due to my TERRIBLE flying, I make sure to always have a margin of 1km/s of delta v extra, hence the SRBs. On the pad. Engine- start! LIFTOFF! Booster sep. Fairing sep Adios first stage. The second stage of russian engines ignites. Final UDMH-NTO powered stage. here goes the Dummy Payload. You can see the mass of just shy of 100, but it works with a FULL 100 due to my generous margin. Bye!
  9. Testflight is SOOOOO annoying. I am all in the favor of getting rid of it. Let me tell you a fable. I had a rocket with five Lr-105s, four in the side boosters, one in the middle. About 25 seconds after booster sep, the engine kept cutting off, still with almost 1000 meters per second of delta V to give. I scoured the rocket and my KOS script a million times, yet there was nothing there that was wrong. Turns out, the problem was TestFlight Apparently, the lr-105s only burn for so many seconds, so my entire rocket design was ruined.
  10. Well, the replicas work. I made a new Earth Orbit Rendevous Moon mission , but all the parts were lofted into orbit by Saturn V's and Saturn C-8s, So I don't count that as my first my own hardware moon landing. I installed the Space X pack, only to find the Raptors have no RO support.
  11. Quick question, Am I the only one who thinks replicas are boring and prefers to design their own LVs?
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