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  1. a bumpy landing on Duna left me with damaged solar panels, unfortunately the GFX didn't model the damage and I was not aware until I tried to launch for ascent to find my modules dead and out of power. But by far my biggest mission failure was spending 2 weeks setting up my minmus mining base only to discover that in game bugs made my designs unusable, Basically ended that career save.
  2. KSP forums is not the place to seek the help you need. I strongly urge you to look for help from people qualified to deal with your issues instead of a community based around a computer game
  3. Rather than individual craft I tend to have ideas for missions or career based themes, For example my latest career mode is being run entirely on probes with no manned craft. This obviously greatly reduces my science gain per mission.
  4. without doubt my experiment with mining, spanning multiple days and many different vehicles and stations. Its currently useless as over time the various bugs have destroyed modules, solar panels and eventually even all the tyres on my craft. It left around 7 kerbels stranded at various locations in space and cost millions and millions of Kerbal dollars. Eventually even my probes at the landing site exploded I'm still not entirely sure why,
  5. Steam says I have "only" about 500 hours of KSP played, with that said I have landed or crashed on almost every body in the system. Getting to orbit does seem rather trivial to me 9/10 buuuuut. I still have the odd rocket that flips when Im making custom LV for odd things (station parts for example) I still sometimes forgot to check my staging and end up firing my chutes on launch. Yep things still often go wrong and thats what keeps the game reasonably fresh. In fact i think it was only last week I realised the ION engines chug a ton of electric charge and a satellite i had designed turned out to be pretty useless.
  6. a nice crisp tight landing on a body always pleases me, I spend a lot of time designing craft as well. i wish there was a little more to do after landing ha
  7. Yes I've encountered a similar problem, Im sure its far more delicate than before. Doors open or not you really have to baby sit these things now because they explode in seconds.
  8. Most amazing name I've seen for a long time
  9. KSP runs just fine on my macbook Pro 2012, saying its cutting edge tech and the customer is at fault for buying on there platform is utter nonsense, Do you realise just how much of a PC fan boy you sound like posting this?
  10. I can confirm Kopernicus does intact work on mac with 1.1.3. Turns out since I had "opted into open beta" at the steam store i had not yet updated past 1.0.1 trollololololololo anyway thanks all, Got me some new planets to explore
  11. you could argue that yes. Currently my mining installation has no solar panels left, my rover has two tires remaining and can't move and Ive successfully delivered about 3500 units of LFO to space. None of this damage was caused by me driving under the influence of mint ice cream. it occurred gradually over the course of me switching to the vehicles. This is after I've used multiple reloads from quick saves in cases where the damage considerably more.
  12. I said Duna but only because it was my first interplanetary target and as such I made a lot of mistakes and ran many missions before i could truly say the mission was a success. The worst case and my almost rage quit moment was a good clean landing, gathered my science etc and then jeb had a kraken moment on the ladder which damaged my solar panels. Unable to return to Kerbin
  13. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. The good news is you can take a fresh approach
  14. The issue isn't about cost of missions, or fuel or even if mining allows you to plan and complete missions that would otherwise be impossible or just plain different. The problem is the physics model randomly destroys your base when you load it. Rover tires randomly explode and launch vehicles spinning into space at xx m/s. Docking nodes don't really work well on surface installations and users report problems with the claw causing random combustion events. Im proposing that the frustration of going to the trouble of setting all this up, with whatever design the game allows and pleases the player, only to have it fall to pieces, blow up or launch parts into orbit does not justify the time involved. Bases in general need a hefty design overhaul, and some of the more destructive lander and wheel bugs need to be worked out before I personally will be going to the trouble of setting up another mining operation. Until then ill continue to run missions as I have in the past.
  15. I launched a station part once that had 72 kernels on board and filled it with tourists to complete the suborbital and orbit parts of there holidays. After that they were all transferred to other craft for various destinations. In fact i don't think I even completed all the contracts, I might not even have the save file any more. Perhaps there still up there ?