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  1. For those looking for a craft file, here is how you can build the N1, then save it in the VAB as a craft file and voila, future usage availability. Took me less than 10 minutes to build it.
  2. It’s not as bad as you may think. I haven’t encountered any flipping, rolling, or tumbling out of control. Now on stock 1.3 with FAR, yeah...way out of balance. Soyuz would make orbit on the core and boosters alone. In 1.4, I’ll have just under 1/2 fuel left in the third stage. That’s to an 80km orbit, if I go to a 100km orbit, it burns up quite a bit more fuel. Yes, I know the 20km height difference, but it almost burns all the third stage. I ain’t knocking it at all though. I do have one question, how hard is it to make the meshes? I’d like to try to make a Soyuz TMA mesh, maybe even an anim
  3. I’m running 1.4.2, RO isn’t up and running for that version as far as I know. I did have to add some struts to the block g for added stability during launch on the final assembly. Nonetheless, I think this is an amazing start. All your mods are working beautifully in stock 1.4.2 BTW.
  4. The N1 looks amazing. I have an older machine running Ubuntu with a i7-3770 w/ 16gb of ram and an Nvidia 1060 3gb and this flies perfectly in stock with very little lag. 1080 resolution, realplume, scatterer, environmental visual enhancements just some of my mods running.
  5. There’s no one right time to start a gravity turn, it varies based on rocket design, weight and payload size and weight. If you don’t have enough speed when you your gravity turn, it’ll flip out of control. Took me a long to understand this. Gravity turn mod is very nice as it makes a guess based on game physics, rocket design, weight and payload dimensions. It’s very worth while to check it out, as it saves a lot of guess work and reverts to figure it out.
  6. Launch either manually(trial and error) or use “gravity turn” mod. Mechjeb gives me hell on this mod, have had no issues using gravity turn.
  7. help! how the bloody hell do you fly these things? completely un-flyable. They flip vertically regardless of speed, AoA, inclination, etc... They look fantastic, but unusable. will somebody please share the flight settings needed for these damn things.
  8. General question, what exactly is the trick to flying the R7? I have toyed with every adjustment I can think of, even tweaking cfg files for better aerodynamics and engine control, but the rocket always flips out of control shortly after beginning gravity turn. They look beautiful, but, if I can't fly it, what good is it?
  9. So, giving RO a second look. There really should be a bloody guide to this, RO as a whole.
  10. I am running KSP 1.1.3, I do NOT use FAR or RO. I absolute love DECQ work with his Energia rockets and these look just as beautiful. This is what I changed and have not encountered any problems thus far, from test launches to the upper atmosphere, to full reentry tests. Also, keep in mind I've rescaled to 0.80 in order to be compatible with Raidernick's Salyut stations. Parachute (Parashute.cfg file): PART { // --- general parameters --- name = SOYUZ_PARASHUTE module = Part author = DECQ // --- asset parameters --- MODEL { model = SOYUZ_SPACECRAFT/Paras
  11. Beautiful modeling work! However, the parachutes are useless. I have made several attempts to rectify the issue to no avail. I have rescaled everything to the same as Raidernicks and am attempting to port one of his parachutes, as both cause the capsule to spin uncontrollably before ripping off. I have read through everyone's comments and even watched the video a few times to no avail.
  12. Corrective steering or no? Cheats? Not really as the Russians automated everything to remove human error as much as possible. I land manually and occasionally dock manually.
  13. What are the optimal launch settings, as far as thrust, turn angle, turn start, turn end, etc...
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