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  1. Uninstall TACLS using CKAN, than refresh the list and re-install it. It worked for me.
  2. I have the same problem and signaled it some time (and some versions) ago but it's still there.
  3. The last ckan metadata for TACLS has this snippet: "install": [ { "find": "GameData/ThunderAerospace", "install_to": "GameData", "filter_regexp": "PluginData/TacLifeSupport/LifeSupport\\.cfg$" } ] But the LifeSupport.cfg location has been move and the regexp doesn't match anymore. This means that, by installing the core plugin, the config file is installed as well and RO won't have any chance to overwrite it. I don't know who should take care of it (if on the CKAN end or the mod end), but some refactor in the metadata is now needed for this mod.
  4. The mod is on CKAN but the the version name "V0.12.3" (with the capital V) is not considered newer than the version "v0.12.2" (with the small v)
  5. Hi everyone, the update UI of the mission control that comes with the latest version of Contract Configurator highlitghted a problem with the mod in my installation: the "Build your first airplane" doesn't detect parts with control surfaces, by I have them (I almost maxed out the tech tree) and I already have built and flown aircrafts. What I see in the mission control screen is this. Any idea on how to solve the problem?
  6. The CKAN issue has been fixed, now the 2.0.5 version is correctly marked as compatible with 1.1.3.
  7. Ok, I'll do it! Thanks! Edit: I opened a NetKAN issue https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/issues/4379 . I hope it can help!
  8. Hi, I just checked the metadata on CKAN for the 2.0.5 release ( https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/blob/master/InfernalRobotics/InfernalRobotics-v2.0.5.ckan ) and it still says that the mod is 1.1.2 compatible. Is it an error? If yes, is it up to you to manage the CKAN metadata or do I have to contact the CKAN team to fix the issue?
  9. Obviously I never meant to be accusatory, expecially toward you, who took over your shoulders the burden of maintaining the mod. The "Talking about moot points" in my previous post was just a playful reference to the drama the spread out between mod developers and CKAN ones and I just meant to use it to introduce a question: I just wanted to know if you decided to join the CKAN-diaspora. Now, as a software developer who works everyday with dependency tracking systems, let me say that I support you in your decision to control the metadata for CKAN listing: I think it's the best and the mos
  10. Dear sir, what kind of tone are you referring to? I already knew that the @danfarnsy was relying on automatic CKAN discovery since he had the same problem in the previous release. I read about the "developers vs. CKAN" drama story, so I was just asking if it was a developer choice not to publsh the metadata. Then I checked more deeply, spot the problem and signaled it. My only fault is that I posted BEFORE checking the CKAN-meta commits.
  11. Talking about moot points... Is there a reason why the new version is not on CKAN yet? Ok... just checked the commits on the CKAN-meta repository and I've seen that the new metadata are there... but the version v0.12.1 (with the starting "v") is considered newer than 0.12.2 (withouth the starting "v")
  12. Ok, I found the solution: CKAN has just banned ModuleManager, so I had to install ModuleManger in an alternative way ( https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/1796 )
  13. I have a problem installing this mod from CKAN. More specifically, in a fresh KSP/CKAN installation the mod doesn't show up in the list of mods even if the CKAN registry.json contains the correct entries. In another installation, where I installed Docking Port Alignment through CKAN some months ago, the mod shows up only in the "Installed" and "All" filters but not in the "Compatible" nor in the "Incompatible" ones. Anyone has an idea on how to solve it? KSP is version 1.1.3 and CKAN is v1.18.0
  14. Hi all, i have a problem when using the offset tool on parts that are attached to a procedural tank. More exactly, I have a procedural battery and a stock structural fusalage on top of it. Using the offset tool to slide the fuselage down (in order to hide the battery inside it), this part will start to snap to strange positions and I can't center it back in anyway. Using the offset tool to slide the battery inside the fuselage works fine, but I can't use this solution for rocket design problems. Any help with this problem?
  15. You just missed the "v" in front of the version number when you created the 0.12.1. CRP fixed the NRE when clicking on the VAB, but it has no connection with the versioning problem.
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