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  1. Any news of an update to make the mod compatible with 1.4 and BD 1.2? I tried making it work by deleting the jericho trumpet but the parts still dont show up.
  2. Aviator Arsenal has loads of weapons from different countries. M2s, ShVak, Hispano... even has a BK75mm gun. Parts are very high quality too.
  3. I currently am orbiting Duna with a probe containing several DMagic Science experiments. When i arrived on Duna i forgot to calculate how far Kerbin would be, so i cheated to extend the antenna's range. It communicates fine, but i cannot transmit science. i tried reloading but still nothing. [EDIT]-I fixed the issue by completely restarting the game.
  4. Don't know if this is reported yet but the Czar engine doesn't seem to have a texture. it's pure white.
  5. this update just broke the game for me, guess i will have to play 1.0.5
  6. Thanks for the quick answer, was about to install it.
  7. My game freezes without an error while loading a craft. i have to ctrl-alt-del out of it.
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