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  1. I don't get a crash, so there's no logs, but sometimes when I load anything from vessel view, the screen is mostly black except the cursor and the loading icon in the corner. It also starts playing the music/sounds for whatever I loaded as if it had loaded it correctly. This happens when reverting a launch, going to space center, going to tracking station, and even loading a save; all of these occur when going to these from any vessel view.
  2. No issues or problems to report, I just wanted to say how exceptional this mod is in my opinion and how much I enjoy it. One thing I always want in kerbal is things to be very large scale. My bases, stations and ships are all as big as can be and I don't hold back, but one thing I was always finding is that the world itself seemed so small in comparison to how easy it was to get into orbit, to other planets, etc. Well, I can safely say that relaunching my all-in-one B9 HX station equipped with karbonite collectors for orbital refueling was quite the challenge. The station on normal ksp took ab
  3. Ah, alright. Just curious. I'll just stick with the older version until then.
  4. It seems to have to do with thrust. Making a ship with a much lower TWR in order to give you the craft file (I try to keep my ships right around 2.0 TWR, but this one I've just made has about 1.5), it seems to not explode at all. I also think that Throttle Controlled Avionics is a partial culprit cause disabling that is varying my more concrete results from before. In fact, with my large vessel I'm trying to get to orbit, turning off TCA fixed the problem entirely.
  5. I'm having a very strange issue with a HX part. The HX1-A-375 Reinforced Docking Port when mounted on the side of a ship (seemed to work fine on the top or bottom but I haven't tested this just yet) will explode off any vessel I launch at exactly 281 m/s. I'm tried varied vessels of different shapes and sizes but the speed seems to be when/what is causing the explosion. The strangest part is, I'm trying to relaunch an updated version of a vessel I got to orbit fine a little bit ago and the docking ports din't explode then.
  6. Doubt any of you even use the forum anymore, but I'm here nearly 2 years later and this is still helpful. Something I love about the community here.
  7. So, I didn't see this on here (I could just be dumb and blind), but was the issue I mentioned where TCA was forcing toggled off engines back on fixed?
  8. I am having this exact issue. I was thinking it might be because I converted over from TAC LS to this mod but it's happening with both old and new ships.
  9. So, out of curiosity, when can we expect an official release of TCA3? I'm quite excited for it. We gonna have toi wait for 1.1 or you planning on sooner than that?
  10. How does one disconnect a ship from one of the parts that builds them so they can be launched. The ships I make just seem to be arbitrarily attached to the builder part.
  11. Someone gave me a solution. If you delete the EL-Parts.cfg file in the USI/Kolonization folder, then you can have access to all parts from both mods.
  12. See, but that's the issue. It's such a good mod and I want to use it in tandem with EL but I can't seem to access the EL parts anymore. Either way, thanks for the help. Still trying to find a solution. I'll post if I do.
  13. Well, I actually had both installed for some time and could in fact see both sets of parts. I actually had a ton of USI parts installed in the same round of mods as EL.
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