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  1. I've found the most elegant way is to design it to fit in a large service bay. Works fine for smaller rovers or as suggested above , a sky crane. Bodies with atmospheres are easy of course with parachutes
  2. on a similar idea what if you could transfer friction from the surface to slow you down. Think of grapple hooks which you deploy at very low orbit
  3. Thanks, it was the LF only tanks that threw me, i'd only looked at the 'rocket' tanks
  4. Hi I'm a little confused about how and when you use the Nerv engines, .... i can see they've got a great ISP, but are heavy and provide little thrust. When calculating the DV (removing the oxidiser) for various small and slightly larger craft they never seem to be better than using the LV-909 ... am i missing something???
  5. Have been reading the multiplayer thread and whilst i think it would be a mistake (personally) it got me thinking of what seems to be the underlying gameplay constrains of the game. Multiplayer adds randomness and narrative (mainly)... but comes with the issues of warping and aggressive players Currently the game is driven entirely by the single players imagination with little narrative apart from the repetitive contracts (especially once you're past the science tree). The game could address some of these issues add interest further down the line. i.e at some point make the game
  6. Thanks Plusck, you were right. The ticks reappeared when ever i was in the SOI of a body. So by the time i got to Kerbal they all appeared as expected and the contract completed.
  7. The ticks appearing and disappearing in the context of the ship, if you click the right hand bar the contracts tab you see the elements of the contract, these are the ones that are ticking and unticking, it's familiar of course with some contracts when you are inside then go outside the scope, for example testing something at a certain height .
  8. There is a LOT of information on this forum so apologies if this has been seen before. I've stuck in the best part of 500 hours into this game which is for me very unusual ... probably the most since Elite on the BBC B :-) This is talking about stock ish game play and parts. My feeling is that there are a few things that are starting to make the game limited and i think there can be a way for Squad to earn more from the game and invest in some interesting new elements, especially for more experienced players. So (intake of breath) my thought is for an expansion pack which i
  9. I'm having some difficulty trying to understand this contract (and therefor GT types) It asks for a single vessel to flyby: Dres Minmus Eve ...and finally Kerbin (which i assume means last) I have a vessel parked in orbit of minmus so it seemed like a good opportunity to have a go. Whilst my vessel is in orbit of minmus there is a tick in the contract, the next flyby by sensible delta V is Eve. I leave minmus and the tick disappears .. doh ... i get to EVE SOI and briefly both are ticked and then again they untick. Looking at another thread http://forum.kerbalspa
  10. It was the battery, I used z1-k's so had 1000EC ... doh. Also read your mining article, answered a lot of my frustrations! Many Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply I wasn't very clear on point 1. The tracking centre (not control centre!) has no record of the survey, you can only see the map from the scanner it's self in either view. What should happen is when the scanner is initially deployed it should send the data back to the tracking station so you can use it. At the moment I have to keep switching to the scanner and back to work out where to land. Thanks for your tip on point 2.
  12. Hi I've encountered a few frustrating bugs recently which has dented my enthusiasm somewhat when it takes hours of game play. Any help would make me happy again, as Kerbal is amazing. I have a stock version of kerbal updated from steam, no mods running on Windows 10. 1st Issue is with the survey Scanner. It simply doesn't ever transmit data back to the control centre. The scanner is in the correct orbit, works (as in shows ore deposits etc), has a antenna, I've tried 3 now and have given up. I've searched the forums but can only find something relating to remote Tech whic
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