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  1. did you tried to change the center of mass during reentry? Worked for me even with rather stupid reentry angels...
  2. @Starwaster So why the tank that is behind the parachute is not getting any heat? I mean, every other part on that ship is fine except for the Parachute even that Solar Panel is completely fine. This is all major parts with their temperatures:
  3. Can anybody help? Why is the chute overheating? it is behind the thermal shield, even parts that are bigger than chute is not overheating, but the chute is. Any idea what issue can be? (RSS/RO/RP-0 at 1.2.2)
  4. Look great! Some ideas for implementation in future version: - changeable number of attachment nodes on plates - similar to mod that provide it for engine plates - implement single part with two different textures (switchable) and size determined by resizing (Realism Overhaul use this A-LOT) to reduce number of parts needed and overall footprint - resizing (just to add it as separate topic) some of us love HUGE things
  5. I wasn't sure about capital letters, but you are indeed right. Anyway the refrigerator is not well balanced, it doesn't require electricity for its working and it seems too small. I was looking into this document for liquidification device specification and performance just to check. I wasn't testing the drills beyond KSC and after replacing ore for water it was working. in \KSP113rss\GameData\RealSolarSystem\ResourceConfigs\water.cfg there is no mentioning of water at the Moon, however there is \KSP113rss\GameData\CommunityResourcePack\ResourceConfigs\Water.cfg where it is mentioned as GLOBAL_RESOURCE means there is chance to find it anywhere I guess... (I wasn't able to find documentation to CRP that mention how is those flags like GLOBAL_RESOURCE processed in terms of priorities.
  6. The mod mostly works like charm but there are few minor glitches: RealISRU_IceDrill is drilling Ore instead of Water (easily fixable issue) RealISRU_LiquefactionArray I was not able to make it work, I have H or 0 but no lqdHydrogen or lqdOxygen is made... any idea what is the issue? Otherwise I really wonder why it is not released as it is, this mod can be only configs for MM and it would be already great and cool. Having own models and parts is just nice to have. I would really reconsider and go for release so it can be part of next RO/RP-0.
  7. I'm stuck with first space station contract. - I built space station for 4 Kerbals, delivered it unmanned to designated orbit (pe above 400, ap bellow 2000) - using Apollo Capsule I bring 3 kerbals, docked, keep there for 30 days, undocked and landed. However contract is now state where "return crew home" is incomplete and "keep the station in orbit" is also incomplete despite "Vessel:" stationnaem and "Orbit:" is complete. what I did wrong?
  8. Hello, I have issue with RO/RSS and MechJeb (and KER too) reading of Altitude (true) from surface is different in map view and ship view. In Map view surface altitude is same ASL altitude, in ship view it seems correct. This cause rather annoying RUD events once hitting surface. How to solve it? (all mods latest for 1.0.5 KSP 32-bit on Windows)