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  1. OP : Mods like VesselMover and WASD Editor camera or Hangar extender are recommended as your ships can get very big. Me : Ignore *continues to install happily, ignorant of the size of the thing* Me : He was right. Anyway, The parts are very good and don't damage easily.
  2. I am here to make a request. I know BahamutoD himself abandoned it. But can someone please think about reviving the Seismic charge? I think it was one of the coolest and one of its kind. (Ksp needs some good sci-fi weapons !) Please can anyone atleast provide the source? Sorry but I couldn't resist asking.
  3. @wasml I really liked your mod. Can you please update it if you have some time ? Thanks.
  4. Okay so it seems like @linuxgurugamer did it ! Here is a link to his post : Thanks a lot for taking over this mod and resurrecting it.
  5. Banned for leaving the other two sides of the delta/triangle of your profile pic thinner.
  6. I have a problem with burn together (in ksp 1.2.2). Whenever I use it, other crafts do copy me but the throttle comes down to zero and gets locked there. But when I turn it off, the throttle is free. Any solutions?
  7. That is what I thought as soon as I read the rules. Maybe I will try with some other plan ...
  8. @[email protected] I am going to make a lightsabre model. My idea is to make the blade (the glowing part) not as a cylinder but as a long octagonal/hexagonal prism. So, the question is how can I make the sides of the prism-shaped blade glow ?
  9. Seems like the curse download page is missing. Any other place to download it?
  10. The Persistent trails mod (recompiled by @JPLRepo for 1.2) depends on this mod, so while in the game the toolbars menu is showing up but there is no option for 'persistent trails' So it becomes impossible to use persistent trails. Any fix for this ? Thanks
  11. @linuxgurugamer Thank you so much ! BTW, is there any tutorial as I am confused how to animate the kerbals (I know how to move the kerbal, but not how to use that timline)
  12. Here i request for a mod that could take footage from a camera (like hull cam) and display it on a screen. The screen will be like a part that will act like a monitor and display the camera footage. The camera could also be placed on domestic other vessel. In short I an requesting for a mod like this one : But this mod Is sadly no more available. The possibilities that this mod posed were endless. And it looked cool. So I will be happy to hear if this mod could be resurrected of a similar one could be made ! Thanks
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