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  1. @Speeding Mullet Sorry for taking so long but here's the STS-9, again done by the SRDS-4 Now onto the Mun missions.
  2. Holy mother of God! @foobar this is amazing. I just finished that mission as well with my stock shuttle but I went for a class A asteroid since it was my first time ever landing one. I'm just waiting for him to approve my other entries so I can post this, but yours is very impressive. I mean, how much does that thing weigh? I should probably have gone for a heavier one but then again, it was the first time!
  3. @Fdkhio I assume you have the usual problem of it spinning around wildly after launch, or just the engines inducing torque. What you have to do is make them thrust into the center of mass.
  4. I'm in, but no time now Tomorrow I'll submit something that can probably do it in less then 1:30 or close to that!
  5. Hey @Speeding Mullet! I'm back with my crazy record breaking huge space shuttles! This time what I have for you is SRDS 4 (Semi-Reusable Deployment System 4), launched by 4 KS-25 Vectors and 4 Twin Boar liquid fuel boosters. Its competing for stock, since my only mods are KER and Trajectories, which don't impact the shuttle itself but just give me useful information. For mission 1a I take a relay satellite to orbit and land at KSC for the Stock Commander Badge! Here's the (hyper)link for the Imgur album (I'm not embedding it in the post because I have two links for you today) For mission 1b I (again) break the Stock record and take the 40t pod to the edge of the SOI: 83,546.696 km Again, only mods are KER and trajectories, so I think I can take the stock badge! Here's your Hyperlink to the Imgur album So now I have a question: Since your post says "Missions must be completed in the logical order unless you are certified from either STS v1, v2, or v3 challenges to the relevant level", can I skip straight to the asteroid mission? Because I have completed all the way to the space station mission and I just wanna make sure I can skip those because some missions are slightly different in V4 of the challenge. Anyway, I'll be waiting your reply, thanks for continuing the shuttle challenge!
  6. @Alchemist hey, I have a question for the asteroid mission! Do I have to land with it attached to the shuttle or is it okay to drop it at the KSC runway with chutes like Hazard-Ish did in this video? Its important for me to know because if I can't drop it then I might have to build a new shuttle, as pulse is already VERY heavy and will probably not handle the weight of an asteroid. Also I completed the station mission for the stock commander badge! (hyperlinks look better) And aw, you saw my hidden decoupler in expresso, darn it! and answering your questions about pulse's reaction wheels, I use so many because I have the space for it (2 big cargo bays) but mostly for 2 reasons: 1- I like my ships to turn quickly. I dont like it when ships take too long to turn in space because I usually end up making it get a lot of inertia and then it takes a while to come back to place. when spinning I like to use 4x time warp but just like you can never have enough boosters in KSP you can never have enough reaction wheels. Except for when it turns so quickly it bends and breaks 2- During landing, I have to touch down as smooth as possible (prograde vector above -5deg pitch) and slow, somewhere around 90m/s, do I fire drogues before touchdown. Having loads of reaction wheels helps keeping the nose at 10° longer thus preventing my wings from falling apart
  7. @Speeding Mullet enjoy your holiday! @Alchemist Hi, I read the thing that says you are in charge of the challenge for now so here's the link to the STS-4 (rescue mission) album. Thanks for maintaining this while SM is away, and this mission is for stock commander badge, as the stranded shuttle's orbit met the challenge requirements, had a crew of 6 and I landed at the KSC. Also, the only mod was KER so I could see my DV and orbit info. I also tried to make it a "fun" story, but I guess I failed at that, but hey at least I tried! Now doing the station mission. Thanks in advance!
  8. @Speeding Mullet sts 3 (hubble mission) is done, and man, I HATED it mostly because the jetpacks are so annoying to control! But its done, all orbit requirements good and landing at the KSC. Even though I slid off the runway it is still the KSC so I guess this gives me the commander badge right? Also, the only mod is KER which should allow me to get the stock badge.
  9. @Speeding Mullet god, this was though man! My new shuttle named "Pulse" is already much heavier than "Force of Nature" already was, and taking it to LKO with 168t inside was a challenge! But after (a LOOOOT of) fuel pumping and gravity assists I took the ore pod to a 82000km orbit. The assists helped, but mostly my new shuttle has more powerful OMS with more Delta V, so the Duna mission soon will definitely be possible. Anyway, here it is Also, im gonna send you a PM and don't forget to update the leaderboard!
  10. it's late to answer to this, but to me it's a rover that is drivable and that isn't kraken bait on Duna.
  11. yeah, IDK what I was thinking, its so easy! Thx, I finished the Eeloo mission also!
  12. hi guys, I'm going to Eeloo for the first time and I have done the calculations and I have more than enough. But as Eeloo is on an inclined elliptical orbit, and assumes things are circular, which they arent. so how do I know the transfer window? and Idk how to use alexmoons thing so if someone could explain me that would be helpful