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  1. Aaaaaaand it's not. Now I have to redo lots of engines on craft files. Same with the RCS block.
  2. Please be a drop in replacement please be a drop in replacement... Lots of deployed vehicles with the current Twitch
  3. I happened to notice that one last night while randomly checking which station I was connected to
  4. This is from May 1, but RockoPlane successful return to KSC!
  5. Friday in 1.1.1, lots of work on RockoPlane, a little Shuttle development, and built an ore scanning sat for Mun and Minmus with an ion engine. Experimentals Division finally got EJ's single-engine VTOL to the Island Airfield in one piece, but I didn't upload the screenshots since there's already a lot
  6. It's been almost a week, but my last time in KSP was significant work on RockoPlane, finally achieving orbit on what started as a pet-project "hey let's build a rocket engine plane" back when I was new to KSP. Still work to do, but it's performing beyond expectations so far. Also (not pictured) I retracted the landing struts on Mun and Minmus bases, letting them rest on the Hitchhiker modules to avoid problems when the "sinking struts" bug is addressed, and played around with the new Gilly scenario.
  7. My Mun and Minmus bases are "parked" at the correct height, but the landing struts are sunk into the ground. Also, my flags fall over when I enter physics. Anyone else got these issues?
  8. Got auto-updated to 1.1 on Steam today, so did a little testing. Results? Need some work! General performance is a bit better on this Core2Duo Mac, my LKO station seems fine, but my two bases and a landing strut test have problems
  9. My Mun and Minmus bases using LT-2 landing struts are sunk into the ground a bit, and my flags also just fall over after Steam upgraded me to 1.1 "Final" today
  10. I use it to jettison the expendable descent module on my basic Mun/Minmus base design. On Minmus especially, it hurls it so far away there's no worry about debris to deal with.
  11. There might be a blurb in one of SpaceflightNow's live coverage updates citing an "anomaly" but considering they're mostly "in bed" with ULA, I'm not surprised they didn't cover it. They run ULA and Orbital ATK ads on a frequent basis, too.
  12. The Draco thrusters are quite powerful, it doesn't need a service engine for LEO.
  13. No plans for today, but yesterday I: - Lowered Station K-1's orbit from 563x563 to 100x100, it was just too high - Tried to make a suborbital arc with my pet project, the RockoPlane - Tested a small rover I built on the runway, so far I haven't been able to make a rover that I'm satisfied enough with to send to Mun and Minmus bases - Pad-tested a new exploration vehicle, just because - Brought my third and last stranded Kerbal from the crash-landing site on the Mun as far over toward the new base as the EVA prop allowed - Botched a three-module launch to Station K-1 thanks to a staging order FAIL
  14. I've got a Billy-bobul Kerman on my first Minmus base
  15. Finally got Imgur working again, so here's the dramatic story of last night's Minmus landing!