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  1. Awesome !! Installing it right now ! Thanks a lot
  2. Hi I may be wrong but i think the next major release will be for 1.3.x You can already test the futur update here : Anyway i can’t wait to have it officialy out. You guys are the best ! By the way I have a quick question regarding RP-1, sorry if it’s not the right place to ask : with the new techtree will it still be possible to add part mod wich are not officialy supported by RP-0 ? Do the part will appear in a node ? Thanks PS : sorry for my english
  3. Hey there. Do you guys know if this mod is compatible with Sigma Dimension ? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your answer. I will maybe switch to RSS then ;-)
  5. Hey @Sigma88 I too try to make the atmosphere like earth because it seems it decay much faster on earth than on Kerbin. But i can't figure how to do this. Do I need to put something else in the config you provide ? Sorry for the noobish question :-( EDIT : Nevermind the problem I have seems to be related with FAR and not with Sigma
  6. @leudaimon Yep that was this tutorial. Even with a 2 stage rocket (one tiny tim plus a procedural tank and an aerobee) the max altitude was 39km going straight up. The fins were made with b9. A very small rotation on the fins to get spin stabilisation. The strenght was left to 0.25 and no failures recorded on test flight. There must be a problem with the rescaled atmosphere from sigma. I will investigate this way.
  7. Thanks for your reply @leudaimon Are you sure that rp-0 need RSS ? I've managed to do some early sounding rockets and it seems to work well for now (well I have not past the kerman line but i've gathered some science points with my first design) The only thing a bit strange for now is the performance of the rockets I made. I've followed the RP-0 first tutorial and my rocket only go up to 20km (in the tutorial it is stated that it can climb up to 100 with the WAC. I'm wondering if it's a miss in my sigma dimension settings or if the performances of the aerobee have been nerfed. Anyway Thank you for your explanation it is clear now. And for the DSN, i've taken a config file in the 10x Kerbol System mod that put a DSN on kerbin. So yes I got one ;-) Marsu
  8. Hi RO users Please forgive my English it's not my native langage. I'm curently seting up my config to play with RO and RP-0 in a 10x kerbol system. There is something I don't understand with the Deep Space network. I apologise for the newbie question but : if the deep space network cover all the system why do we have to worrie about wich antenna we have to set on probe ? If I understand how it works even with a small dp-10 I will be in range anywhere (except behind body) ? There must be something I am mission here. I feel a bit dumb. And one bonus question but not related to RO : do you know if there is a way to prevent Ven's stock part to revamp the DTS ? I prefer the original look for this dish (just in case someone knew it. I will post a reply in the right thread if not) Thank you very much and again sory both for the langage and the stupid question Marsu
  9. Hi there. I have discovered your mod today and it's awesome ! I love sat mod and yours is really cool. The M900 is trully amazing and I can't wait to see the SCANsat integration. Any idea of ETA ? Thanks
  10. Hello, Thank you for your help. Here is my modulemanager.configCache. It's quite huge and i can't send you via the internal mail. The board said that i'm not allowed to do that :-( Don't bother ! I have tried @MrMeeb idea and it works ! I've got my space limit set at 120 km now. I just need to tweak a bit the height of the clouds and i think i'm pretty close to get what i want. Thank you verry much
  11. Hey there. Continuing playing with the settings I have a bug wich i don't understand : I've tried to go to 10x scale kerbol system with these settings : // Base Settings SigmaDimensions { Resize = 10 Rescale = 10 Atmosphere = 1.714 dayLengthMultiplier = 4 } The problem i have is that space is still happening at 90km just like if i was in 6.4k. I don't understand why. If i'm correct, space in normal kerbol system is at 70.000 km. I want to put it like RSS to 120 km. So 120 / 70 = 1.714. Can't figure why it is at 90 riht now. Is there any sort of cache or something that i must delete before changing the settings ?(I've played some time with a 6.4 rescale with GreenWolf config) Thanks