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  1. OmegaForce

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    I missed the BAD T IV competition but found this one mentioned in it's thread and thought I might give it a go. Should we be using 1.6 and latest version of BDA or the one mentioned above?
  2. The latest version has the following in the Changelog : Would this make it possible to exclude select parts from aerodynamic failure and if so how?
  3. OmegaForce

    WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    I haven’t posted in a long time but have been fallowing this thread from the start and was glad to see the conclusion of BDA II. I wondered how the sky rebel would do against the Tytonid if we made it to the finals. Not surprised at the outcome as it was Ferram's own creation but getting to second place was a win in itself. For this competition I didn’t have enough time to tweak and test my design as I would have liked nor was I up to date on how the AI has changed in BDA. However even with further improvements I don’t think Tornbird would have made it to the finals. If a future tournament is held around a WWI theme I have a few suggestions. Planes from that time period were very light so a maximum weight limit might be added to keep designs from using overly strong wings then guns could be limited to lower calibers and still be effective. Armor could be left out completely or greatly reduce the amount allowable to keep the vulnerability factor high. Also full moving control surfaces from B9 procedural wings I feel shouldn’t be allowed along with leading edge control surfaces. Building cockpits out of B9 Pwings works but for those wanting a simpler solution the open cockpit mod would be ideal. Stockalike open cockpit ( inline external seat ) Engines could come from the early set in the Airplane Plus mod. They might need some tweaking but visually they fit the era. The mod as well has a bi plane style fixed landing gear we could put to use.
  4. I had similar issues and the only LLL parts I added were the generators. This caused one of the armor panels from SM Armory to disappear.
  5. OmegaForce

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    Are the secondary guns in this picture from this weapons pack?
  6. When I entered Skyrebal I didn't know how it would preform against other planes with the design being radically different from a conventional fighter. Inspiration came from the XP-55 Ascender a unique plane that only went as far as being test flown. As far as flying wings go Skyrebal is not a true flying wing. I haven’t had successes at getting a wing to preform well. Yaw stability and the lack of pitch control being away from the CoM are issues that don't make for a competitive fighter. Still I would pursue a wing in a future BADT if I could come up with a suitable design. For a winner I have to have to go with the Tytonid such a impressive plane. Blohm and Voss produced a similar aircraft but it was a jet/prop combo. I wonder when the competition is over if Ferram would make his craft available for us to learn from.
  7. Is there a download link for a KSP 1.0.5 compatible version ?
  8. I installed the latest version (1.2.2) with KSP 1.0.5 and I cant get the GUI to come up. Do I need the older version of the mod?
  9. OmegaForce

    [1.3] KerBalloons v0.4.2 - Balloons for KSP!

    Didn't notice this mod till now but I definitely see some uses. Balloon Bombs like the ones Japan used in WWII come to mind.
  10. OmegaForce

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    This pack looks truly impressive from the screenshots, the selection of weapons are diverse the models and textures are detailed. The quad ship turret would look sinister paired with a battleship from the WWII warship mod. I would like to know about that platform the turrets are displayed on, is that custom or is there a mod it's part of?
  11. Joined up just in time to submit my design. Having seen the videos from the last competition it should be interesting to see how the battles will turn out considering all of the improvements made in the mods used.