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  1. just a simple but sure question, is there a download link to github? if there is just reply. im asking because downloading through curseforge in a place that blocks games is not an option for me because school internet is blocking it; and im used to download stuff through github. i forgot, since this is last day of school, just reply whenever you want just in case i really need github link
  2. from my experience, i played in career mode with any type of tech tree, the cockpit are in the VAB list and working fine DECQ, i suggest you ask Uaesseuor its KSP version and what tech tree he's using, or you can refer to this thread that encourage people to explain problems in more detail -- link:
  3. your configs works astounding, i was able to get to space but cant get the RCS to work, so once engines cut out, the crew is officially dead
  4. simple question, how do i download it into my computer, cant seem to see the download button or clone button i also want to test it out, so i can get my colombia back to space in my knowledge, the shuttle srb should survive and flameout after 2 minutes. in ksp most of em survive for one minute, so when seperated your shuttle could accelerate so slow that you reenter and crash or you accelerate shallow to the atmostphere oops, i just realized i had to redownload the whole RO file, keep me updated, i am Realism Enthusiast
  5. anyone seeing me hovering and looking at EVE, scatterer or RSS Visual Enhancements, expect i have major issues with the visual enhancements when i play the game.

    P.S: with RSSVE, the planets in tracking station is one pure color for each planet if you know what i mean

  6. 1. i dont know, perhaps ksp's stock aerodynamics is kinda primitive *no offense* 2. if ferram aerospace research is updated to 1.2.2 you can install that and an easier experience in reentry. 3. from my experience it looks like the reentry flame was so intense on the nose of shuttle so yea, it flip over 4. you know that most command capsules has theyre underside always pointed towards the flames and has different aerodynamics than the shuttle?
  7. well ok, if theres a special version for RSS i will download it. other than that interesting mod
  8. you wanna get your shuttle oriented to prograde or aerodynamic forces pushes your nose up and backwards, but the "wanna-fly-backwards" issue should end within 36000ft or 10000m and you could continue gliding to ksc Shuttle Colombia.craft?dl=0 i dont know if DECQ is active right now, but i assembled the space shuttle in ksp -- download the .craft file MINOR DETAIL: IF YOU USED MY CRAFT FILE INSTALL LATEST VERSION OF SPACEY EXPANDED OR SPACEY HEAVY LIFT AND REMOTE TECH (I BELIEVE PAYLOAD IS INSIDE) TO ENSURE THAT THE BOOSTERS ARE ATTACHED AND NO ERRORS OCCUR, THE ATTACHMENT FOR BOOSTERS USES SPACEY TECH AND THE ANTENNA FOR PAYLOAD MAY CAME FROM REMOTE TECH if youre reading this, you've been warned. any errors when loading craft file ensure you HAVE the following mods installed following space shuttle system. if still not working then ask me for help with craft files. thank you for your attention
  9. fun fact, since i downloaded this mod, i enjoyed the beauty of its interior and how it looks in orbit, but thrusting forward with oms is kinda hard as it ussually try to flip forward
  10. thanks for the info though, i just downloaded and installed the pre release, in fact at this time ive been opening KSP and i keep getting new interesting mods so i had no chance to play the game for real.. (aka. anytime i find a mod, the game is loading and i keep closing it)
  11. i dont know why but RO for 1.2.2 isnt out yet, it would be best some extra thrust and lower fuel consumption so i can reach orbit in real solar system
  12. one minor detail, i Don't have RO installed and another thing is the Luna 2 Mission is bugged, somehow it pointed to Mercury when it supposed to point to the Moon. Last detail is all satellite contracts that require specific orbits when launched is affected by "minus 5 million something" bug. am i supposed to have RO installed for MCE to work with RSS?
  13. this is the issue report: KSP: KSP MacOS 1.2.2 Problem: Apoapsis and periapsis requirements by satellite contracts goes to minus 5 million something Mods: no other mods affected the apoapsis and periapsis requirements until Real Solar System v12.0 is installed The logs if you need it: -- the link to download logs Reproduction steps: simply make a career mode game open mission control find a contract requiring launching a satellite see the apoapsis and periapsis requirements