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  1. I went to rescue a guy, and during the rendezvous, I looked away for a minute (I was at work) and my craft hit the craft of the guy I was rescuing, and it went spinning out of control. I got close again, and when I sent the rescuee out for EVA, he was flung away pretty fast. I caught up with him, and when I tried to activate the RCS, it wouldn't turn on. After closing and re-opening the game, I could turn the RCS on for the EVA, but a couple jets were stuck on, and I had almost no control. All the while, his arms are just flailing around, and he has an expressionless face. Is it possible the his spinning craft whacked him, and he died after exiting the craft and was floating around? I eventually gave up and terminated him from the tracking station. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this.
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