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  1. Alright, yeah, that is how I understood it. Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Even for attaching? That wasn't clear from the original post if so. If that is the case, the distinction between Magnet and Hook is definitely important; however, if the Harpoon can't attach without a Kerbal present, I don't see it getting much use - if you're sending a kerbaled craft to an asteroid, you might as well go with a claw.
  3. The Harpoon and Grappling Hook distinction is definitely a good idea; I'm hoping for a decently lightweight Harpoon (+ operating infrastructure) to build cool unmanned asteroid missions. Could do it with the claw Jr., but Harpoon is cooler. I'm not entirely sure if the Magnet v Grappling Hook distinction is actually valuable enough to justify the effort of implementing an additional part (instead of just the magnet); but that's your call. Of course the magnet could also have other advantages like increased link strength and lower weight; and if I understand it correctly, the plan is also to have it attach more easily (how many times has the claw failed to grab for me...). Inability to grapple Kerbals is reasonable, but I predict that someone will come up with a whacky fun contraption that requires grabbing Kerbals, and they will be very disappointed.
  4. Does anyone know of a bug that gives you massive amounts of funds and science? I just loaded up a relatively fresh career save that I had not played in a couple of weeks and I'm sitting on 3.3 million funds and 631 science, while not having purchased a single 160 science node, still missing 3 90 science nodes and with the only facility fully upgraded being the astronaut complex. While I can't remember where I left it, I can't really imagine having had that many funds or science without spending anything - and I also have only collected science data from Kerbin, the Mun and Minmus.
  5. Good to see you again. I can only echo the sentiment that yes, long-form mission reports - at least if they as well done as the Forgotten Space Program - are absolutley still welcome. I'm eagerly awaiting the next post.
  6. I approve. More solar panel styles means more options for satellite designs!
  7. The systems don't work together at all iirc. Parts could be placed down and picked back up to transfer them, but I don't think you can transfer non-placable items.
  8. Where's the vessel anchoring feature promised in this post? Did I just miss it in the changelog, did you forget to list it, or did you not actually implement it?
  9. A fantastic chapter, well done! Perfectly captures that feeling of sneaking around in the dark when you know there's not supposed to be anybody else there, but you definetly heard something.
  10. I saw. This might mean KIS and KAS will leave my (rather short) modlist... Not looking forward to checking every vessel for modded parts however. I'm pretty sure some of my larger projects have KIS containers...
  11. However, there is some good news: With the next update (KSP 1.11: Some Reassembly Required), we are getting a "vessel anchoring" system, as announced in this post. It remains to be seen if this actually fixes our issues or if it proves to be a summoning bell for the kraken.
  12. It's alive! Seriously excited to see this story finally move along. It's good to have you back.
  13. Loving all this, but the best part is definetly VESSEL ANCHORING!!!! Damn that was needed for a long time. Hope it doesn't end up a dinner bell for the kraken...
  14. I'm still here, always hoping to see a new update pop up when I visit the forums. I'd be quite sad if I had to say good-bye to the antics of those forgotten kerbals, but your situation does indeed not sound conductive to further missions. This thread inspired me (a long time ago) to actually build up a proper career savefile; including "useless" things like submarines (was pleasantly surprised that there actually are world-first milestones for going under the sea!) or sizable space telescopes (which was launched on an SSTO plane and now is my desktop background). If you do manage to somehow port to 1.8, the version change for Unity should significantly increase performance.
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