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  1. Where's the vessel anchoring feature promised in this post? Did I just miss it in the changelog, did you forget to list it, or did you not actually implement it?
  2. A fantastic chapter, well done! Perfectly captures that feeling of sneaking around in the dark when you know there's not supposed to be anybody else there, but you definetly heard something.
  3. I saw. This might mean KIS and KAS will leave my (rather short) modlist... Not looking forward to checking every vessel for modded parts however. I'm pretty sure some of my larger projects have KIS containers...
  4. However, there is some good news: With the next update (KSP 1.11: Some Reassembly Required), we are getting a "vessel anchoring" system, as announced in this post. It remains to be seen if this actually fixes our issues or if it proves to be a summoning bell for the kraken.
  5. It's alive! Seriously excited to see this story finally move along. It's good to have you back.
  6. Loving all this, but the best part is definetly VESSEL ANCHORING!!!! Damn that was needed for a long time. Hope it doesn't end up a dinner bell for the kraken...
  7. I'm still here, always hoping to see a new update pop up when I visit the forums. I'd be quite sad if I had to say good-bye to the antics of those forgotten kerbals, but your situation does indeed not sound conductive to further missions. This thread inspired me (a long time ago) to actually build up a proper career savefile; including "useless" things like submarines (was pleasantly surprised that there actually are world-first milestones for going under the sea!) or sizable space telescopes (which was launched on an SSTO plane and now is my desktop background). If you do manage to som
  8. These look absolutly fantastic! I do hope that Eve stays purple however, it's such an iconic planet. (Not bashing the new texture, that is amazing imo)
  9. While I think that this is a fantastic idea, I unfortunatly don't have the time to play through a cycle in anything like a reasonable time for others to continue. As such, I'm afraid I won't be able to partake.
  10. Right?! I tried that with the little hinges built from stock parts, but could never get it to work properly.... Lots of RUDs in orbit.
  11. This looks really nice for the most part, looking forwards to it! Not sure if it's worth the asking price, but I definetly got more than my money's worth out of the base game, and it keeps development going. So take my money! Gotty say though, that crystal looks really out of pace on Kerbin. I don't think it will be nearly as bad on other planetary bodies, but it might pay to adjust crystal coulours to fit with the enviroment, maybe? Also, is that a SpaceX suit?
  12. I was completly with you, up to this part. Having this automatically enabled without an option to disable it is equivalent to having a big "Add 1.000 Funds" button always active on the KSC screen. Sure, you could ignore it.... But it would be there at every launch, reminding you that for some reason your little green men who just invented rockets by filling a trashcan with explosives already have a base on the mun. The second (smaller) issue is that you might randomly stumble upon the structure when landing on the mun. Same problem, there should not yet be a base there. Admittedly, the chanc
  13. The base looks good imo, and I would like to have it available on PC. However, I agree with the fine folks in this thread that you need to be able to disable it. And by disable, I mean that there needs to be an option in the difficulty settings independent of the other extra launchsites that not only disables you launching from there, but also removes the structure from the world. I don't want this showing up in my science/career game, at least not until I've sent up an RP mission to "set it up". But I really would love to have this base in sandbox.
  14. It would be neat to have for some things (Self-sustaining Mun base, anyone?), but I agree that we need to have the ability to activate/deactivate this option independently of other launch sites.
  15. Oh wow, those revamps look amazing! Especially the bare variant of the Spider. Oh wow, I missed that! That is.... Interesting. But I would have a lot of fun with it! Hoping that we PC players will get access to it soon(TM).
  16. Ironic that you posted this... Considering point 6 in that post. I get it though, this seems more civil than reporting.
  17. Another thing that can be found on that post and not this one: "PS: Ask and you shall receive " We appreciate it.
  18. I don't have numbers, but it started to lag noticably after a few hours running the game, and a restart fixed it. This happened several times, and a memory leak was what I assumed to be the cause as well. A bug report should probably be submitted, if it has not already.
  19. Ah, gotcha. I thought you were talking about stations that were already launched, since they said they used this technique " before [they] learned the magic of EVA Struts". Sidenote, while I agree that there should be a grey option, I don't think the white will look bad for these uses, especially for how I tend to use them: Bringing the size of large parts like the Hitchhiker or the Mobile Processing Lab down so I can use medium sized docking ports for my stations.
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