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  1. I flew my homemade X-3 Stiletto out from the KSC to see what all this hub-bub was about. Made it to homeplate to begin and completed the course on track for roughly a ~9-10 minutes pass only to have disaster strike in the final descent! My front landing gear was jammed! But by the time the problem was sorted out it was too late and homeplate was coming up too fast! Watch Jeb's brave final moments before being disqualified from the run
  2. @selfish_meme I totally agree. That Pelican is a sturdy sexy speedy machine! I too learned a lot from that ship and have made my only currently surviving Turboprop since the 1.4 update. This is the KRP-140 and is basically the KRP-99 with a 1.4 compatible engine swap. Performance is slightly increased in the 140 since the bearing is completely housed and not adding any drag, just like JimmyR's Pelican's engine. You can hit 100m/s+ in level flight at sea level. Kermansky KRP-140 Scrapper
  3. @EpicSpaceTroll139 what a beautiful tail. I can't wait to see it in action! Far from being a production piece, I thought I'd show off my progress on the Kermansky Osprey knock-off!
  4. I've managed to narrow it down to a potential culprit, at least for my applications. I notice that if one of the pictures I am trying to add is a GIF (which preview plays during the initial upload phase) then the Drop Down menu for the auto-guess takes significantly longer to process. If there are no GIFs "previewing" I have no problems! As a simple fix, I can just add GIFs once I get to the main Craft Upload/Edit page. edit: Actually I may be wrong, initially that fix seemed to remedy the issue but it continues to happen
  5. Hey @katateochi! I've been using your site for some time now and I really like it. But I've been encountering an issue lately after the latest update. When I go to add Tags to my craft during the Publishing phase, generally the drop down box will try to auto guess what you are trying to type. For me when this happens, the drop down bar causes a very long loading period that freezes everything and occasionally crashes the browser (Chrome with current updates). Is this a known thing or am I maybe doing something wrong?
  6. Not sure if this bit of info will help much, but in every turboprop rendition I've made I've noticed that centrifugal stretching is a huge part of getting the correct lift. Example, I always enable all blades to strut to root parts but if Rigid part attachment is clicked, the blades will produce almost no power at all. In fact, every turboprop I've made can be disabled simply by making the blades rigid, I don't know why it works the way it does xD
  7. Love the Hurricane Hunter! Similar to my K-29 actually aside from the totally different bearing setup. What kind of speeds are you working with? In my limited experience in dealing with turboprops, I've noticed that once you reach high enough rad/s on a horizontally spinning turboshaft, you can begin adding more control surfaces (to a point) with limited penalty to the spin rate. I became fond of the triple elevon setup because iirc, their combined surface area was just over a single "big elevon" and had less clearance issues at top speeds during max centrifugal-blade-stretching. Plus it doesn't look TOTALLY unrealistic
  8. OH that's awesome! Something I've known aboiut but I didn't realize that was the specific torque I was dealing with. Thanks for that! The swash plate is a magnificent thing of science. On a different note, I hate to have to ask this question so bluntly but haven't found the answer after a bit of searching. How do you see or calculate the rad/s value for rotation? I have no idea how to measure this or what any of my turboprops/shafts put out. I'm sure there's plenty of mods for such a thing, anyway to see such a value with stock gui?
  9. Wow, funny enough I was experimenting with some completely internal turboprops similar to yours but also kept running into the overheat issue! When I removed the outter fairing (exposing drag in all the bad spots) the overheat issue went away almost like it models insulation effects...which it might... I don't know enough about the KSP physics engine. On a separate note, I had a small break through on forward flying single-turboshaft helicopters that use a powered main blade (as apposed to auto-gyrating.) It seems that simply canceling the counter-steer engine, powering down the main rotor, and applying a forceful push from behind (gigity?) you can start to fly your chopper sorta like a weird jet. It's fun, and enjoyable to fly! The main blade and bearing hold up to a lot of abuse, a surprising amount in fact. But like all turboprops/shafts they have their limits The only noticeable issue I have with this helicopter and it's handeling is that it wants to constantly corkskrew when flying forward. It can be easily counter-steered though, it just takes a steady hand. I suppose using a keyboard isn't the most efficient way to fly a helicopter though in the first place! Kermansky VK-01 Roxanne
  10. I've an iteration of those engines that uses a nose cone and it does improve efficiency but not by enough. The Brawler Engine is more aerodynamic but still hits a wall at around 95m/s and my bearings can't handle much more than 4 panthers blowing at max on them as of now. The fastest engine I have now is actually a version of the ones on the K-25 and K-29, hitting 100m/s at 5000m and then it runs out of oomph haha!
  11. Hey guys, thought I'd show off 2 of my latest turboshaft projects. I've been ever improving the "Kermansky Engines" lately, now incorporating some wheels to stop the rotors from wobbling during high G maneuvers. This is has greatly improved their reliability. As of yet my engines have been high power low speed but I like the progress so far, experimenting with some dual stage propellers, we'll see where that leads The K-25 Emancipator (B-25 Mitchel knock-off) K-29 Super Stronghold (B-29 Superfortress knock-off)
  12. I'm playing with a newer version, DirectX 12 But to be honest after re-reading this thread I am going to wait to use this Mod until you straighten out your licencing and give proper credits.
  13. Hey there, been experimenting with this mod and I'm having an issue where the sky and water are always a bright yellow/white color. Is this common? I've no other graphical mods installed and am currently running v1.3 64bit.
  14. Yea, they are very much so inspired from EpicSpaceTroll139's designs, as well a dozen other amazing builders. Posted that to reddit at like 3am and woke up understanding what they mean by RIP inbox haha A lot of times, I have to add 1 part at a time and launch the craft to make sure that it wasn't that one particular part making the craft randomly explode. It's tedious but symmetry mode is your best friend! I've build upon each my previous successful renditions so the bearing gets better over time (at least perspectively)
  15. I really love your site katateochi and boy was I surprised to post that craft really late at night and wake up to it rivaling my highest downloaded crafts JUST over night, sorry to crash the site haha not my intentions!
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