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  1. So First thanx for making tracks a thing again. I'm having an issue with vehicles I make using tracks though. Whenever I launch them (load from SPH into runway) they start facing vertical and role over onto there back. I cheated to play some and made a kickstand (retractable landing leg) to force them to role onto there tracks. This is not a good way to be playing though. 1. Is anyone else having this issue? 2. How can I correct this?
  2. How do you add TCA compatibility to a set of engines that TCA does not detect naturally. Particularly I would love to get TCA to control the fan engines in this mod
  3. Once again you are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Would you please elaborate on this? Maybe even a video? I would love to do closed loop macros unfortunately my macro skills are lacking (unless I see it done). Once I see it I can understand how to do it. Please help! I would love to setup hover craft patrols lol
  5. Ok I was correct. I just reinstalled OPT from the spacedock link. Once launched you get the incompatible please load 1.1.2. So what your saying is it is the idiot light in your car. pay it no mind the mod works fine it just needs the version checker updated?
  6. Strange must be the files on my end then giving me the compatibility issue. Thank you for the prompt reply. You are correct I just looked at my version and I had my last stable game file loaded in instead of the 1.1.3 my mistake lol.
  7. I want to make pretty ships too please release a 1.1.3 friendly version even if it is a test link to bug hunt. If it is good enough you can build that it's good enough for me lol. I promise to reward you with pics of pretty OPT ships example the Whiplash:
  8. You sir have gone way past simple thrust control. Well done
  9. Good lord man you do good work!!! how many space agencies are trying to recruit you? In this awesome update did you include the new vtol / hover controls? Just add Docking support and I will never use MJ again
  10. Has anyone tested this with 1.1.2? If so do you run B9 Parts? What I really want to know is does this allow me to change the textures on the MK2 parts in the B9 collection? They use B9 Part Switcher instead of IFS. I hope it does as I need a way to re-skin those parts to OPT white or Titan. I tried to brute force it but the to part packs are to different for my level of modding knowledge.
  11. I would like to start by saying great part mod. I really love the mk2 parts you have added. That brings me to a request. I only use the mk2 parts (your newest ones) and I was wondering if you could separate them out into a stand alone part pack. I have tried to take your original parts and remove the HL series and other parts but it is not working well (I'm no moder). Please
  12. is there a working version of this anywhere currently available to download? I really miss my treads
  13. First relay love your work. Question, when do you plan on releasing the update with those lovely fans? Just curious thanks for the hard work.
  14. if your having issues with the auto deploy / retract of the gear / wheels there is an easy fix. Just remove your gear from the keybinds. If you go into the binds under the gear tab just remove them and assign them to a different key. This way when the altitude is reached nothing happens as there are no parts attached to the gear hotkey that tca uses. As for mod parts not working correctly. I dont use any stock parts realy. I use Orbital Tug, Karibou , OPT, and other mods. All of these work very well with TCA. I believe you just need to do more testing and work on craft design.
  15. I for one love the mod the way it currently is and cant wait for the next version to be released. I have a small armor of rovers / Hover pods that work great for this mod, stable flight good controls. I actually love the fact it raises and lowers the gear based on altitude to ground. Also I don't understand what your all talking about with the RCS. I disable RCS a lot (mainly to save mono) and my crafts never become unstable. I suspect some of the issues are with craft design.
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