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  1. JOOL MOON SLINGSHOT RUN Oye, beltalowda! This week's challenge is inspired by "The Expanse". If you haven't seen the show, stop what you're doing and plan to do nothing else for the next two days while you binge watch it. It's that good. Back to the challenge! Your mission is to make a slingshot run around the moons of Jool. To pull this off, you have to start from a circular Jool orbit at 248,000 km. From there, plot a maneuver that takes you past as many moons as possible without using any thrust after the initial burn. My example below has my Kerbal flying by the three inner moons, with no control input after the starting burn. Now, I didn't get really close to any of them, and didn't get to the outer moons, but I'm positive it can be done much better! For instance, I could adjust my trajectory using RCS thrusters to get closer to the moons, using the gravity to do most of the work to get me back out to the moons I missed. There's no scoring, but I'll be designing different badges for the basic goals, one for elite skills, and one for the true Belters out there. It breaks down like this: Basic: Slingshot past at least three moons. You can make mid-flight adjustments to steer your craft between the moons, but no engines may be used after the first burn - only RCS thrusters. Elite: Slingshot past all the moons using multiple maneuvers and RCS. True Belter: Visit all the moons using one burn and NO additional maneuvers - guided only by your initial trajectory. I swear, it CAN be done. Your craft can be whatever you want to build. I went with something that looks cobbled together from junk, like the one featured in the show, but you can make it however you like! As such - any and all mods can be used, as long as they don't change the physics. If you want to check out the awesome design of the show's racer, check out the designer's website: You can also get your ship to the orbit any way you like. I just used the cheats menu to put the ship at 250,000,000, which is how I came up with the weird 248,000 km orbit number. That part is firm, everybody needs to start at the same point. You can, however, advance time to get the moons into a different alignment if you like. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Happy explosions!
  2. Sorry for the delays everyone! I'll have the new challenge up within an hour. Thanks!
  3. doggonemess

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    Well, you see, a cloud is an aerosol consisting of a visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals, or other particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body. Air can become saturated as a result of being cooled to its dew point or by having moisture added from an adjacent source. Clouds form as a result of this process. I know I'm seven months late making this joke. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. doggonemess

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Really!? I didn't know that. That's very helpful, as it seems to come up sometimes when the control surfaces are in weird places. Thanks!
  5. doggonemess

    kOS ICBM Challenges

    On another note, I made something along these lines a while back. This shouldn't be considered for entry, it's just for fun. I'm sure it fails on several levels. KSP Mirv: In case that isn't Kerbal enough for you, I give you the KSP MIRV MIRV! It's a missile with four MIRVs on top, each with 24 independently targeted warheads. It's a ballistic missile submarine in a tube!
  6. doggonemess

    kOS ICBM Challenges

    Heh, blunt body reentry vehicles. Have you seen "The Dictator"? It is too round on the top. It needs to be pointy!
  7. And here is the SRB to orbit badge for our lucky completionists:
  8. It's definitely do-able. I have an awesome spy car with ejection seats. Works almost every time now! Just for fun, I think I'll incorporate this into an aircraft and try it out.
  9. doggonemess

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    I was inspired to make a Kilrathi fighter from Wing Commander. I came up with a random cat-name and built this: It's fairly stable and can do Mach 4.72. It's even got a single dumb-fire missile. Fun! It also has to be flown with SAS off, as the vertical surfaces ended up reversed, so up is down. Also fun!
  10. Flattery will get you everywhere. It's funny, I really didn't think I did a great job on that one. I'll talk to the gang and see what they think. I'm not the biggest fan of "closing" challenges anyway.
  11. Badges for the Chute-less Challenge are done! If you didn't use airbags (inflating heat shield) or retrorockets you can optionally use the "crater" badge.
  12. Thanks for closing it! I'll have the medals up shortly, hopefully today.
  13. doggonemess

    [1.5.1] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    There may be some issue with the latest KSP update not working with this mod. The author hasn't posted a message in a while, so he may not be checking the board right now. Remove the mod, and then if you can't get KSP to start you may want to reinstall the game. To take a modded game back to stock manually, you just need to remove all the folders from GameData except for the Squad and SquadExpansion(?) folders.
  14. doggonemess

    Galileo's BepiColombo (Icarus) Probe

    I am intrigued! I'll add this to my gigantic pile of Kerbal stuff I want to do.
  15. doggonemess

    WWI- Kerbin Royal Air Corps

    I'd like to share one I made a while back. It doesn't meet the requirements for the challenge - I just wanted to show off.