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  1. I agree with what you're saying, and I'm certain that you know far more about this topic than I do, but I'm having trouble with this analogy. I thought about the forces involved, and I think it breaks down like this: gunpowder = rocket fuel bullet = rocket barrel = engine shoulder = atmosphere (?) Or is there no equivalent in the rocket's case - was your intention to show that the bullet leaving the gun has nothing to do with your shoulder, and that it still would have left the gun if the rifle was floating in space? I'm just trying to figure this out. Definitely correct me if I'm being a dope.
  2. Can we use Tweakscale or SpaceY to make bigger fuel tanks to reduce part count? My PC can only handle so much.
  3. Is that an internal combustion piston engine?! I guess it's semi-internal combustion, technically, but that's awesome! Can you upload the craft file so we can play with it?
  4. Dang it! I was going to ask if I could use an Epstein drive. You know, I might just try this anyway, even if it isn't allowed by the rules, just to see what it would be like. Epstein was up to 5% the speed of light before he ran out of fuel.
  5. I uploaded the file to my own personal OneDrive public folder. You can download it here:!AF7jmxlDV9K6hIB3
  6. Is that the elapsed mission time? Or is it year 1, day 288 from the epoch? If so, I'm wondering how that would be possible. Returning from Duna after cheating it to orbit and landing on Kerbin took about 300 days alone. Is it actually possible to get to Duna and back in less than the time it took me to get back? EDIT: Yup, somehow I missed the video slideshow of you showing how you did it. Ignore this whole thing.
  7. I think I need to ask the obvious, but difficulty settings should be set to "normal", right? Because heat shielding on Duna is simple when you run in "easy" mode with 50% heating.
  8. Micro-challenges for all has some great badges. I'm not just saying that because I made them.
  9. I don't know WHAT that is! I'm not sure it falls into any category.
  10. I took me a while to get the hang of syncing the pistons.
  11. I am proud (?) to present my piston-powered car-thing! Yeah, that's right. It's got a V-8! The crankshaft spins at 12 rpm pushing the craft to a heart-stopping 1.5 m/s! I think that might be Jeb's "meh" face. It's difficult (impossible?) to steer, so good luck getting anywhere. For anyone who wants to play with it:
  12. That's too funny. You're right, everyone is always going for the super-efficient, SSTO, lightest craft challenge. This is "GO BIG". I'm doing it. One question - are landers allowed, or does the whole craft have to land and take off again?
  13. Very cool and topical! Well done on the reactor building, too. I just downloaded the save file and KSP tells me "save incompatible" when I try to load it. I'm on the latest version with both DLC packs. Any ideas?
  14. Thank you! I always thought the same thing. I actually avoiding clicking on it for ages because I was thinking "Not another one of those 'impossible' low part count missions...".
  15. I like it! My only suggestion would be to make the Kerbal and rover much larger - they won't be visible when scaled down to 100px.