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  1. I think the one mentioned above: Find the highest spot on Gilly. (Fact of the day: it's located at about 124° W, 29° S, on top of a ridge that runs roughly north-south. Now you know.)
  2. Way to go! This is almost exactly what I did, and this totally counts. Timing the shutoff for the thrusters has to have a little leeway, as we're only human, so it's going to be off by a second or so. Your lessons learned were the same ones I came away with! I tried for other moons, too, but none had the low gravity to allow this. I wonder if there is one where you could do a RATO-car version of this and get it into orbit. You are definitely a badge winner. Thanks for the post!
  3. That's the fun part! If you "jump" off the correct peak, the rotation of the moon will carry that peak out of the way and you'll complete one orbit. I've managed to do four orbits before hitting a peak.
  4. Working off of the ramp jumping idea, I came up with something a little more... Kerbalish. Your challenge is to take a rover, land it on Gilly, then use the natural topography as a ramp, and jump into ORBIT! It's totally possible, I have an imgur album to prove it. Check out the complete album: The low gravity and ease of landing make this a fun but tricky stunt. Keeping the wheels on the surface is impossible at even the lowest speeds, so you'll need some thrusters to provide downforce. You have to make sure that the point you 'jump' from is at the right angle to carry you around the planet. Your final speed is critical - too slow and you impact on the surface, a little too fast and you achieve escape velocity! Rules - the glue of life that regulates the fun for everyone: 1. Your thrusters have to turn off the instant you leave the ground for your final launch. No using them to adjust your orbit! You can see from my screenshots that I came off the ground and kept them on - that was because I was still trying to reach the right slope. After that shot, I set back down and rode on the wheels. 2. Mods are fine, as they'll have little affect on this challenge. 3. You can get your rover to the surface of Gilly however you like. I used the cheats menu to put it in orbit, then landed it with a skycrane. You can use the same method or Hyperedit, or whatever you prefer. The challenge isn't getting their, it's getting off! 4. You have to get at least one full orbit. Because the surface is so irregular, what looks like a good orbit might have a mountain the way when you make it around the planet! 5. Wheels can be your only form of locomotion! No rockets or maneuvering thrusters pushing forward. Rockets pushing down are okay - as you'll need them. Kudos if you can dock with your skycrane after the orbit! I'm putting together a cool badge, hope to have it ready in a few days. Happy explosions!
  5. Okay, so I missed the morning deadline. I'm working on finishing up now!
  6. I'm working on finishing up the challenge now - it'll be up this morning!
  7. doggonemess

    air speed record

    My apologies, that's not my Rapier craft - that's the Vector engine. I'll try it with a Rapier and see if my result matches yours. I'm on the latest version, 1.4.5.
  8. doggonemess

    Build a reversible aircraft

    This is so funny. I've actually built a craft like this as a joke. I even wrote some lore to go along with it. I'm going to add a secondary engine(s?) and submit it for approval. Until then, enjoy the first version: XRA-69 Description Here at Lev Aerospace, we’re always pushing the boundries of aviation technology. While examining one of our planes, an engineer remarked that maybe we had been building them all wrong this whole time. The XRA-69 is the realization of that idea. The whole aircraft is backwards, upside down, and inside out. We’re breaking every paradigm with this one, and thinking so far outside of the box that the box is a dot to us! If it actually flies, it’ll be a miracle. So far, nobody has volunteered to test pilot it. Info Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.
  9. doggonemess

    Lowest mass challenge - Solids to the Mun

    That reentry image is frickin' hilarious. Reentry window? Controls? A hull? Who needs that crap - I'm going straight in.
  10. doggonemess

    The Drag Strip

    Hmmm... interesting. If staging was allowed, would that mean that the ENTIRE vehicle doesn't have to stop? I think that would kind of go against the spirit of the challenge, but it gives me a crazy idea.
  11. doggonemess

    air speed record

    Yep, the Rapier is silly fast. Its thrust rating gives you the impression that it's not very powerful, but it gets more powerful the faster you go. Plus, not having to worry about fuel means you can make it really light. There's also a 'sweet spot' with number of engines vs. speed. At some point, adding more engines just seems to add more mass.
  12. doggonemess

    Design a Mad Max car

    I've got one all ready for this! Rocket powered, dual missile launchers in concealed panels, ejection seats, SIX WHEEL DRIVE! What more could you ask for? And... 100% stock!
  13. doggonemess

    air speed record

    This is absolutely the fastest I've ever gone at low altitude with a manned craft. It IS cheating, as I'm using an autopilot mod. Max speed = Mach 8.75, or 3062 m/s. I'm going to give an unmanned craft a go. My first few attempts got to around 8,000 m/s but kept flinging off into space. I have not the faintest clue how people are getting 17,000 m/s.
  14. doggonemess

    air speed record

    Hang on, didn't the OP indicate that the engines can't exceed 1000 "thrust"? I'm assuming by that they meant nothing above 1000 kN. I was going to post first by saying that these challenges always devolve into a huge engine attached to a tiny probe core and then it boils down to squeaking 0.1 m/s more than the last entry. But then I realized that I had never participating in one yet. So I'm getting to it right now! 0.1 m/s faster HERE I COME!