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  1. Got an issue.. got tracking station to lvl 2 but it wont unlock the observatory. is there a debug to unlock it?
  2. I havent been in front of my computer in a few days when i get a chance ill upload them.
  3. with OPT i believe there was duplicate craft files creating a Fatal fault and BD i think something was missing or just not working right with it where tweak scale just didn't support. sorry im sleep deprived.
  4. That makes sense. should i just wait for 1.8.0 updates on mods? because im trying to get a decent mod list to work for another playthru because i havent played KSP in awhile. trying to find a good mod list that will work with SVE with remote tech and a few planet packs. sorry btw i accidently reported ur post instead of quoting it. its been a long time since i used this form. admins already corrected it.
  5. i currently cant get to it where im at. But i will eventually some time this week was just wondering if there is any known issues or am i just a bone head and doing something wrong. i followed the warning it was giving me and i did see the error log so i removed the trouble some mod. the other mod BD apollo one just said that tweak wasnt supporting it.
  6. This is probably already addressed but incase it hasnt. getting a FATAL error from OPT and multiple errors from Blue dog/ apollo mod in 1.6.1 also having stability issues where it crashes.
  7. Having Tweak-scale issues in 1.6.1 and some stability issues. BD flags 8 or 9 times as not being supported.
  8. Just came back to the game after a long break and im having issues getting things to work. OPT causes a Fatal error with tweakscale and not sure why. it used to work. currently using 1.6.1 for compatibility with most other mods.
  9. @Papa_Joe im guessing that is exactly my issue but cant find the gui to disable it lol i took a break from ksp due to this function
  10. My crew wont transfer. I get the gui but they do nothing... Ugh lol
  11. @Angel-125 do you got a wiki or instructions on how to use for this mod? Lol i stepped away from ksp back when you where just starting this mod..... Lol now im lost
  12. Not trying to bug ya but ive been away from ksp for awhile. I just came back recently and got sve and all the fun mods up and working and noticed the lack of clouds in opm... So i started form diving today for them... Any chance that you need test dumies to test an updated patch for ur overhaul? I miss the pretty effects so if you need any help ill do what i can
  13. @cyberpunkdreams @Nathair @doktorstick check RT guides and tutorial page. On there there is one probe core that can act like a command station, command stations are also explained a bit more.
  14. I object ur objection and second object ur request for a longer runway lol. Thats what SRB's are for. And if ur using that big of a plane.... Use the grass lol
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