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  1. Of course, not Just a single file for all. Or you can add those configs to the existing customrunways.cfg.
  2. Create *.cfg file (i.e. KerbinCity.cfg) in GameData\NavUtilities Continued\Runways.
  3. Approximately up to 35 knots (this is a bit too much even for the fastest, but let's assume). Which is 65 km/h. Which is 18 m/s. I'd say, it is not a ship, it's a rocket
  4. Launched a communication satellite without touching a key. All processes are controlled by a set of SmartParts controllers. RemoteTech autopilot imitates the third stage's gyroscope, which is needed for a final burn. I don't touch the keyboard after launch (and the RemoteTech ensures that I can do nothing, even if I try to steer ). Had to shorten the launch rail and lift the rocket above the truck to avoid collisions. By the way, the satellite weights 131 kg. and the rocket -- 2,4 tons (and it is still a bit overpowered ).
  5. Not "on" -- under There are no such words as "too big" on Kerbin
  6. People have created counterweights to deal with such situations And if the whole design becomes too heavy to fly, you can always add more boosters and pour more hydrogen
  7. So, I've finally managed to find time to record a landing Like I've already said before, the most important thing (except for fancy new camo suit and pilot's cap ) is a specially designed plane. It should allow flying at really low speeds. For instance, the one, demonstrated in the video, with it's flaps deployed doesn't fall down even at 26 m/s (which is about 94 km/h) . So landing at 30+ m/s is comfortable. At high altitude it can accelerate up to 175 m/s (which is about 630 km/h), but here I fly low, so maximal speed will not be more than 155 m/s. As for the airship, it
  8. This is only the first glimpse at the problem However I should mention, that going for realism would be impossible without initial reduction (and radical one ) of heisenberg's characteristics. For instance, mentioned Zepellin NT has diameter of aprox. 14 m. and length of aprox. 75 m. Which is larger than typical Heisenberg. But it weights only about 11 tons and can carry about 2 tons more. While Heisenberg of that size weights hundreds of kerbal tons and carries a lot more. Which is really good for gameplay, but not very realistic After some experiments with 20-25 m rescaled
  9. Did you check AirPark mod? It allows you exactly what you need -- to manually change the state from "flying" to "landed" and vice versa.
  10. Does it work well in 1.3? Or is there some dev or community version?
  11. Just couldn’t go past the tweakscale configs and not to try building a really big airship. I’ve noticed that there is a problem with how the airship scales. By default it uses exponent of 3 to scale mass, amount of resources and buoyancy. So 40 meter airship becomes ridiculously heavy (although it also has absolutely ridiculous amount of lift). I had to change those exponents in order to make scaling a bit more realistic. SCALETYPE { name = freePSA freeScale = true defaultScale = 10 suffix = m scaleFactors = 10, 20, 30, 40 TWEAKSCALEEXPONENTS {
  12. I'm afraid, that is not quite correct I use the latest scatterer build (0.0320b) and the latest version of flares (tried with red and blue grand) and still get vertical stripes in some angles, like on this screenshot. And yes, no matter, thank you again, those flares are awesome
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