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  1. Development Update for Consoles!

    If the Squad were really honest, they would return money to ALL who bought this garbage on the consoles. But no. How is it possible to part with money? Therefore, all this is like fraud.
  2. Development Update for Consoles!

    The work on the console version is more and more like creating a Frankenstein's monster - in one place they sew something, but in another - something falls off.
  3. KSP Weekly: The Eclipse

    Today's blog is much more "meaty" than it was many months in a row, there is something to read. Starts to be like the one that was before.
  4. Development Update for Consoles!

    Last time the journey was long, but the reward was rotten.
  5. Development Update for Consoles!

    If Astroneer had the physics of flying, I would have long spat on the KSP
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    Well, I'm ready for tomorrow's "we're working on it."
  7. Development Update for Consoles!

    Another empty message "about anything" ... Give us at least a little specifics, since you do not want to take responsibility for the release date : The European release will be simultaneously with the American release? Will the additional PS4 pro's power be used to increase the number of parts, resolution or something else? Will the restriction of 300 parts on an ordinary PS4 be canceled? Will the touchpad be used in new control scheme? At least say something SPECIFICLY, without "common empty words"!
  8. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    Skyrim, Fallout 4
  9. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    Asking you why you did not do it a year ago, it's pointless, right?
  10. KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    Only two pages of comments speak eloquently that there is nothing to say about this weekly emptiness.
  11. KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    It seems that these weeklies are written by a robot chaotically rearranging the same words in different orders.
  12. Development Update for Consoles!

    "We are working on it". Ugh.
  13. Development Update for Consoles!

    Aha. SQUAD - a marketing company with the appropriate behavior - "without bluff, you will not sell anything."
  14. KSP Weekly: Kerbal Burazāzu

    Why the developers of Warframe, for example, after a big update can release 2-3 patches on the PS4 in ONE day? What prevented you from releasing ONE patch FOR THE YEAR correcting the problem with the save files? Oh yes! You released a patch on Xbox, as ugly as the whole port.
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    Yes, today is the anniversary of shame with the consoles, it took a whole year of empty chatter from SQUAD. "We are working on it". Ugh