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  1. It is a text-mode pseudographics
  2. "Kerbal Space Program 2 is due to be launched sometime in the next year" Ugh
  3. It all reminds me of a story like Flying Tiger porting the game to the PS4... They first promised to port very quickly (this is Unity!), then they were silent for a long time, and in the end they gave us a piece of excrement, which was then redone by the developers from BlitWorks for a year.
  4. Again we have to wait... As the Russian proverb says, " there is nothing worse than waiting and catching up"
  5. What do they mean by "standalone build"? The Windows version of game рurchased in Steam IS a standalone build?
  6. Global warming because many rocket starts
  7. My KSP PS4 EE screenshots. I think its so kerbalish.
  8. (sorry for my google-alike English) Today I continued my career with USI Life Support. Eeloo: the final frontier. Science has provided new parts, so the new ship is more powerful, compact and roomy. In addition to agroponics and recycling, now introduced a new feature - deep freeze kerbals! Ready to Start: 3 kerbal as a duty crew, 8 frozen kerbals as a Luggage, 14 seats available, nuclear reactor and life support for 8 years... ...and 24 nuclear engines Frozen kerbals rolled to Eeloo to gain experience and increase their rank. They were there thawed, hung out and frozen back.
  9. The PS4 version of the game is the Squad's shame they want to forget. Yes, I know that porting was engaged in a third-party firm, but the attitude of the Squad to the buyers of the game for PS4 I also remember well. I hope that the new team will behave differently. (sorry for google-translation)
  10. (sorry for google-translation) Today I continued my career with USI Life Support. A Jool System Big Tour was carried out. When USI Life Support is used, capricious kerbals requires a lot of living space, electricity. They eat and poop a lot. They constantly homesick. Therefore, the ship is large, heavy and expensive. It took several rocket launches. Pol and Vall landing Tylo and Laythe flyby Oddly enough, none of the kerbals did not strike during a long flight as they love it
  11. (Sorry for google-translation) Today I continued my career with USI Life Support. My veteran ship, which previously carried out the Ike-Duna mission , after a boring process of refueling and refitting (a large tank with fertilizers, new lander and probe was added), is ready for the Jilly-Eve mission. The Arrival Jilly. Due to the low gravity and the slope, the ship stands on one landing leg. Spectacular descent Probe landed & science transmitted
  12. (google-translated) Today I carried out the mission of the Ike-Duna in career mode, with USI Life Support. The ship was assembled in several launches. 1. Core Habitat & Lander 2. Interplanetary transport stage 3. After waiting for the launch window the crew arrived 4. Start! 5. Ike 6. Duna All heroes safely returned home, but some of them as tourists, they were tired at work and missed home.
  13. A terrible shame with the PS4 version, a bad attitude to those who bought the game is 10 times more expensive than on a PC, no feedback, every patch breaks something in the game. (Sorry for google translation)
  14. My first working plane-style SSTO. I play KSP since 2014 ...