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  1. The RV-1 'Cub' Vernier Engine has a way to big flame/plume. This config seems to fit better: @PART[LiquidEngineRV-1]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen] // RV-1 'Cub' Vernier Engine { PLUME { name = Kerolox-Lower transformName = thrustTransform localRotation = 0,0,0 flarePosition = 0,0,0 plumePosition = 0,0,0 plumeScale = 0.1 flareScale = 0.1 energy = 0.4 speed = 0.8 } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %powerEffectName = Kerolox-Lower } }
  2. @Sobol Looks very nice. Unfortunately, I still have a few problems with it. I play RO/RSS with my patches but I think it's the same in stock. 1st the RCS system is still very weird with jets coming out of the LAS attachment points. 2nd I cannot board an astronaut anymore when going on EVA (the option to press B does not appear)
  3. Ha, I found another similar typo in the Realism Overhaul config for the Star-48BV in this pack. I requested to merge a patch. See https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/pull/1882
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen There is an typo (one underline to much) in the config file for the Star 48BV: model = ATK_Propulsion_Pack/Star 48B/ATK_Star_48B instead of model = ATK_Propulsion_Pack/Star 48B/ATK_Star48B
  5. I found it difficult to make the Orion reaction control system work reliably and fuel efficient. I am posting my config here in case someone finds it useful. Keep the RCS in the command module disabled until just before service module separation to preserve the Hydrazine for attitude control during reentry. P.s. the setup works well in KSP but I am unsure how far it reflects reality.
  6. The download zip contains some craft files you can copy into Ships/Vab for example. Unfortunately they were broken (parts shifted) in the last version (at least for me). The suggestion to build the ships from scratch applies only when you have the realism overhaul patch installed. As stated on the first post Texture Replacer & Hangar Extender & Firespitter Plugin are recommended.
  7. A new release of the realism overhaul config is ready to download. Latest release from here: https://github.com/Max-Q/Space-Launch-System-Realism-Config/releases Changes since last post: - Working thermal protection system with close to real world behavior (lifting reentries returning from moon is possible) - Working parachute with real world stats - Correct names/ manufacturer for parts - File clean-up
  8. @Sobol The first release of the improved Realism Overhaul config for SLS Part pack is ready to download. Download the latest (1.3.03 at the time of writing) release from https://github.com/Max-Q/Space-Launch-System-Realism-Config/releases. To install it, copy the RealsimOverhaul folder from the downloaded zip-file into the GameData folder of your KSP installation. Do not use saved vehicles, build them from scratch with fresh parts. Otherwise the parts might keep the characteristics of an older config. The release was tested with SLS Part pack version 1.3.01 in KSP v1.2.2 wi
  9. Ok I checked it and the thrust was 10 % to weak and the burn time was 5 times to short. in real life they have 20000 pounds for 1 sec. They still use "SolidFuel" for the moment, maybe I change it in future. I will upload the fix to the GIt repository this weekend.
  10. I am working on a 1.3 release of the RO-config but I need another few days to test it and possible fix bugs. I think the first release will be ready during this weekend.
  11. I posted it before but at this time didn't get any feedback. If someone is interested I am maintaining a repository with personal fixes and improvements to the SLS RO config. https://github.com/Max-Q/Space-Launch-System-Realism-Config/
  12. As other people I am having trouble with the paylaod fairing (8.4m in RO/RSS). After some experimenting I am pretty sure that the problem is not the separation but that the mesh colliders are somehow wrong. The colliders look ok in Collide-o-Scope, but the fairings behave like they are full halfs. You can actually place things on top of the empty, laying, fairing half and it does not fall inside the fairing.
  13. Hi Sobol, I really like your SLS mod and I am regularly using it for RO/RSS. For my own benefit I worked on the given RO config. The updated config is far from perfect and still needs some love, but I think it may be useful for you and other users of this mod. Here it is: https://github.com/Max-Q/Space-Launch-System-Realism-Config Thank you Max-Q
  14. Yes, I have currently the same problem. When, I ignite the small decoupler under the LM engine bell it has catastrophic consequences. Under RO/RSS and the recommended mods. I choose to go to the Moon in this game and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard!
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