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  1. Should I use MySQL databases or PHP arrays? Probably MySQL databases... just hopefully no SQL injection . Update: Now, I just took out all of the ScrollMagic stuff and made the title have a fixed position. It works perfect!
  2. Yes it is. Lets stick with the topic, GameModHub.
  3. I don't own a news/review website
  4. Oh... but I don't wanna get banned for necroposting

    Show off Your Space Engineers Ships

    This is the most off-topic post ever

    Livestreaming KSP

    Okay. I will start streaming Twitch. Do I not have a good reputation?
  7. I always use google Image search before I use any open source images to see the creator of the image Thanks!
  8. I guess my teacher is strict then

    Livestreaming KSP

    Hello everybody. I have a question: how do I become a featured KSP live streamer? On the front page of the KSP forums, I have noticed that it shows people who are currently live streaming. Can the admins add my youtube channel to the livestream list? My youtube channel is at
  10. I thought it sold badges! I already figured that out when using random images from Google Images for a homework project . Got a really bad grade for not asking for a copyright
  11. I got it from In this world, there are many icons that look alike Also, is a badge store that sells physical badges. I used Google Translate to figure that out