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  1. I had the same problem, Kopernicus v.1.4.5-3 and onwards lags as hell when in map view. Try reverting to 1.4.5-2 version, it seems to be working just fine.
  2. I'm having problems getting tech tree editor to work, it throws exactly like it did for Grunf911 It does that for both yonge and stock. I did exactly what Grunf did but couldn't find any misspells. It won't even load the stock tech tree that is included in it's own folder 0_o.
  3. @ShotgunNinjaok, now i can't replicate it. looks like my ksp just derped, sorry for bothering you ;] nevertheless, i wish more devs would resond this quick!
  4. Awesome mod! I seem to be having weird problem with it though. When trying to get back from EVA kerbals seem to 'clone' into the capsule. After hitting B, kerbal seem to bet getting inside but a copy of him prevails outside, and whats even funnier I can eva the one inside the capsule again so the clones are floating next to each other ;]
  5. kudos to everyone actively working on this! keep up the good work!