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  1. Sorry for not clarifying it, I meant it creates high ROLL torque Just why not place the vertical stabilisers on the wingtips like the Dynawing? This way you could give the stabilisers the same size but less roll torque. @Racescort666 yeah lol fly-by-wire can fly basically anything that has enough lift or thrust, but even fly-by-wire can't recover anything from a spin, and I thought that an aircraft that can't recover from a spin is like *almost* illegal to fly
  2. Why did the space shuttle have such a huge, high vertical stabilizer on top of it? Aerodynamics Testing In KSP™™™ proves that the high torque makes spin recovery very hard, and just touching the rudder dangerous. I think the rudder layout of the stock Dynawing would be much more reasonable for the space shuttle.
  3. Black-suited police men comes and takes them away. Government hill.
  4. y u no... give download link
  5. Can you give a download link again? The one you gave in the OP is broken.
  6. The robots get destroyed due to their failed experiments in time travel, and coincidentally revert time back to when StupidAndy posted. StupidAndy's hill.
  7. I didn't click this.
  8. @Joseph Kerman looking at the pictures, I see that your plane is way too stable in atmospheric flight, as your center-of-lift-without-pitch-surfaces-that-are-mounted-behind-this is apparently well behind the center-of-mass both with full fuel and with the smaller amount of fuel that you had in the last picture. You don't really need that much aerodynamic stabilisation for the plane to face in the right direction during reentry.
  9. This is an issue with the BDA mod, NOT with KSP itself. You should direct the issue to either the BDArmory Continued thread or to its Github issues list.
  10. Well, the range used to be adjustable when PRE was integrated into BDArmory. Unfortunately, it *doesn't seem* to be adjustable now.
  11. You can put it on a website like dropbox/google drive (just make sure to make it public so that I can download it) and post a link. Note: MediaFire is not allowed on the KSP forum due to certain bad ads appearing on the website. You can also use KerbalX, which is a website for KSP craft sharing, but you'll have to register there.
  12. I don't seem to like them. They are all ugly, their handling varies widely from real life, so do the engine/crew setups. Many of them are also completely outsized compared to proper kerbal scale.
  13. Building an Mk2 air/spaceplane has almost no difference from building Mk1 air/space planes. I see that you are building fighter-like aircraft, you might want to start by building a plane with one Mk1 cockpit, Mk2 fuselage behind it (attached on the short Mk1-Mk2 adapter) and using two engines on a Mk2 Bicoupler (or however that part is called). You might want to look at some real-life fighters such as the F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor, or Dassault Rafale.
  14. I can build a craft that can go there and back 3 times . That distance isn't really impressive, but you're new here so there's no reason to make that something negative . What I can say is that the air/spaceplane doesn't need the additional small intakes, the Diverterless Supersonic Intake is big enough for a Panther engine and has good air supply at all speeds. Also, could you please give a download link? I think I can get this into space myself
  15. This looks like an airplane (not a spaceplane), although a skilled pilot might actually get this into a suborbital flight. Remember that the difference between airplane and spaceplane is that airplane can't (or at least shouldn't) go into space, and spaceplane uses wings for atmospheric flight/gliding but is made to go into space. Contrary to popular opinion, spaceplanes don't have to be single stage craft, there are lots of good two-stage spaceplanes or ones that are launched on a rocket. For example, real-world spaceplanes are the X-37B, X-15, and Space Shuttle. Skylon is a SSTO spaceplane project under development.