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  1. The adjustment is applied automatically to all modded parts, based on their crew capacity and whether or not they're a command part, and the modder has the option to turn it off if they don't want it, so unmaintained modded parts should generally be just fine.
  2. Or maybe I was hungry while I wrote this post
  3. It was an oversight in the change log. As JPLRepo says above, it doesn't apply to landing legs/wheels/landing gear. I believe it doesn't touch Kerbals either, at least not in the case we know about them sliding in, that's a separate issue. Not sure we've got anything for an issue with jittery landing legs, but there may be knock on effects from the ground anchor there anyway that we'll have to look at.
  4. The ground anchoring system is under the hood. The game now anchors parts better to the ground to deal with some sliding issues that would happen, especially when you had light parts contacting the surface w/heavier parts attached to them, and was kind of an artifact of how things worked in PhysX.
  5. Yes, everything is reflected in the dV readout in the VAB - loading/unloading Kerbals, changing their inventory, changing the craft's inventory, etc.
  6. There’s a lot of cool stuff in 1.11 Some Reassembly Required, and the Squad team hopes you’re enjoying it all! I’m here to share a few thoughts on some tuning changes we’ve made to the game. Kerbals on the Scale Kerbals have always had a mass in the game when they’re EVA - 93.875kg. That included themselves, their suit, their EVA jetpack, and their parachute, plus any Snacks they managed to hide on themselves. Now with jetpacks and parachutes being something Kerbals can choose to go without - for better or worse we’re taking the time to update and rectify some things around thi
  7. Basically this yes. I don't know why, when the Mk2 parts were added to the game, a nosecone wasn't added. Before my time. There might have been a good reason, it might have been an oversight. We do as many parts as we can manage, for each version, given our capacity and other goals we have for that version. In a world without those restrictions, I'm sure we'd have one. All I can recommend is doing your best to enjoy games as they stand. Continue to make recommendations, try to get people's buy in, but making a case that says anything like 'we need X, X is a huge problem' etc,
  8. It helps that Kerbals have psychic powers that let them teleport a jetpackfrom an inventory on a craft to thier back, from a few meters away, so you don't have to try to dock a Kerbal with a ladder anymore.
  9. It automatically applies to all parts that can contain crew, with the option for modders to not have it apply.
  10. Kerbal weight is accounted for in dV now. There's some retuning this generally won't negatively impact craft
  11. You can node-attach parts, similar to the editor. Yes, you can use compound parts, and yes only between parts on the same vessel
  12. To answer a few questions in this thread: 1. It adjusts the existing system - Engineers don't need to be level 3, you just need the part repair kit 2. This applies to other parts that are breakable, like solar panels and antennas. 3. It uses the inventory system that was released with BG, and there will be storage options available in stock.
  13. You mean you don't want another hundred more light parts and that's it? *Goes back to the drawing board*
  14. They have large, efficient internal batteries, so that they can run for *very* long stretches without solar exposure: That's why they clock in a little heavier than your average work lamp.
  15. That's right, you won't need those parts from BG to use these.
  16. Yes they're deployable like the BG parts. The inventory system released with BG has always been part of the stock game code (in case modders wanted to use it), it was just not turned on in the UI because there weren't any stock parts that'd go in an inventory before.
  17. Wasn't around when rationale was given - but dV was put in in a way that helps highlight how it works with the stage stack, and TWR is only shown when you click on the stage stack to get more info, something people do as they get comfortable with the UI. Maybe at the time the developers were reacting to the way mods like KER and Mechjeb present the info which can be a bit of information glut for the unprepared. Games like this have a life cycle where you learn what's needed, and where to put those needed items for better and better UX. For most game genres, this occurs over multiple games
  18. Keep in mind too that Kerbal is still a game for players with a variety of different skill levels. Having similar sized engines that fill the same niche but with slightly different stats sounds great to a veteran. For a newer player, it can be confusing, and the poodle is fairly early in the tech tree. Plus, once that design decision was made, we'd then have to carry it through, making dozens more engines, and figure out how to add them without having some engines that overshadow others.
  19. Now I don't feel so bad I can't go out to the cinemas, something to look forward to! Can't wait!
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