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  1. I have RSS/RP-0 so I'm not sure if that makes a difference but I just loaded it up to see what the force actually is and Mechjeb says it's .4298
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue but every time I dock with my station to resupply or for crew transfers, after undocking the undocked spacecraft experiences a pretty consistent force of ~.45g and immediately after undock it gets dragged toward the earth. During this time I can't timewarp other than physical and I can't switch vessels. I'm pretty sure it's something with Principia because when I make a copy of everything and just remove Principia then the two craft stay by each other with no forces acting on either craft. I'm running 1.2.2 and the latest version of Principia
  3. I seem to be having a problem with my last two realism overhaul installs (1.1.2 and 1.1.3) Whenever I try to send a probe to one of the outer planets (Jupiter and beyond) I always make a maneuver node with an encounter or near encounter and burn for the appropriate time only to find out shortly after that my apoapsis isn't anywhere near what it said when I set the node or when I finished the burn. (i.e. having ~5 km/s of delta v in my transfer stage only to use all of it and come up anywhere between 1-2 km/s short) I installed all of the required and a lot of the recommended mods and have neve
  4. I have RT on my RO game and while there's signal delay for turning things like RCS on and off and activating experiments but flight controls don't have a delay. I tried signal delay with everything a while back but with ullage it's hard to get it timed perfectly so I feel comfortable enough without the signal delay for flight. That said I have run into problems where my maneuver is coming up and I forgot to turn on RCS before hand to deal with the ullage before firing the engine so it definitely requires some forethought. Also in RO there's lots of engines that don't throttle. I can only imagi
  5. The LVDC (Saturn Launch Vehicle Digital computer) was capable of executing 12190 instructions per second. For comparison, a 2012-era microprocessor can execute 4 instructions per cycle at 3 GHz, achieving 12 billion instructions per second, one million times faster. That was enough to put the Saturn V into orbit. And that is a processor 4 years old. Granted mechjeb isn't using near that much computing power you can see how little they used to get rockets into orbit. If it worked for them it could work for us now. It might not be the most accurate system but I definitely think mechjeb
  6. I started a RO with RP-0 career a while back and immediately noticed that all the liquid fueled engines would have an abrupt cut off right at about 4.08 TWR. I thought it might be a part of one of the mods I had installed so I usually got around it by making clusters of 5 engines and shutting off 2 at a time. It usually let me use all of the fuel in a stage. So yesterday I was playing most of the day when things just started to go wrong. Every simulation I'd run the rocket would take off and slowly drift sideways and then get ripped apart like it was under a lot of aerodynamic stress. Af
  7. I don't believe I have tweakscale installed. I found it was one of the tail sections causing the problem after I removed it and replaced it with a procedural tank it went down the runway ok. I've since reinstalled some mods and all the parts seem to be behaving normally. after some messing around I got something flyable. I think I mostly needed a refresh on designing planes.
  8. I think if you want a more aggressive aerobrake you'll need to switch to a heat shield. Seeing as the airbrakes aren't as heat tolerant it would probably be best just to use those for a slow braking maneuver at high altitudes although it would probably take a few orbits. There's always a trade off especially with mass and heat tolerance
  9. idk about the pre release but the current version is 1.1.2 and this remote tech has worked fine for me in all modes
  10. Thanks. sorry I thought I had posted there but I guess I wasn't paying attention
  11. I have had RO with RSS installed for short while now and for the most part it has been functioning well. I installed RP-O the other day and recently started a career game. My rockets are working well but there was a few contracts to build planes so I tried that. My first attempt there was something seriously wrong because the rear of the plane just started floating upwards and the props or jets did nothing in terms of thrust. I had a similar problem when a mod didn't like a certain part. I found out it was the tail section so I replaces it with a procedural tank and it seems to have remedied t
  12. oh wow I didn't even know that. That's really cool. All those CAD drawings are awesome. lots of detail. Makes me want to try and build something like it in 1.1.2 I was thinking earlier how I wished I could come up with all these cool acronyms like NASA does. I really like the name OSIRIS-REx
  13. Has anyone read anything on this satellite? I actually just heard about it today and did a little reading. It will be going to an asteroid and scanning it's surface and taking a sample. If anyone has Snapchat you add NASA and you can see them uncrateing the satellite. I've never seen it before so I thought it was pretty interesting.
  14. https://pds.nasa.gov/documents/sr/Chapter07.pdf Apparently there's a whole chapter on the preferred and accepted time formats NASA uses. I had no idea. Really cool mod though. I'd like to give it try.
  15. I think so far I've just used a 1.5m tank with one of the engines I forget which one but it seemed to work fine. I believe the engine used kerosene or liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen and had one ignition and it let me fill the tank just fine too.
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