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  1. It's truly awesome to see that the mod has so many followers still today. @SpannerMonkey(smce) you are one heck of a dedicated KSP fan. In the future im considering making a partnership to use what I can do today and apply it to KSP, I guess that the content I pulled off in a week I can now make in a day. But this is just a thought, summer's coming up and i'l give it a go. Until then... Thank you all. PS: Sorry for the crap colliders, I didn't know very well what I was doing, besides I used Sketchup to model, BIG mistake ahaha
  2. Hi Strykersm,

    I'm trying to build an engine with a nozzle animation, and found your really usefull link of the video n°3, thank you! :)

    but the downloadable example file is not here anymore :/. Is there a way to got it again please?


    1. strykersm


      Apologies for late response, i'm afraid not :\ But I can hook you up with a blend file if you wish :)

  3. Out-f#cking-standing! Installing KSP again just because of this.
  4. I have to make a tribute to you to my game Spanner how would you feel about being a sort-of-easter-egg? eheh
  5. Thank you! The Analog is the tesbed for the Tu.144 yes
  6. Omg those look BEAUTIFUL I challenge you to do a Mig-21i "Analog" Found out about it recently! Hey and i'l drop in some of my most recent work too Shhh its a secret
  7. This makes me very happy, thank you Spanner and you guys for being great! Keep up the good work comrade
  8. Thank you! I'm not sure i'm going to use the King Tiger in anything yet but I made it for a test that was supposed to fail, scince it didnt i think i'm using a modified model. Story behind it is going to be a futuristic, upgraded version of this tank but the looks will be the same Expect a Gauss gun.
  9. There we go! And Thank you Masteron! If you're interested: http://crimsonprimegame.blogspot.com/
  10. I believe its up to Spanner to post the new content and upload it :\
  11. As far is I remember the main problems have been with FAR compatability, the drag box has been weird on the Mig-21 engine I believe, other than that i remember few or no bugs. Have fun My baby is in good hands
  12. Change of management has been Stryker-Aprooved Instructions to keep the mod awesome are as follow inside the PM!
  13. I'm afraid i'm not working on this anymore...i'm working on a game myself with Unity! I'l just leave this here: "ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN PICKING UP THIS MOD AGAIN CONTACT ME THROUGH PM! I will be more that glad to answer and talk ;)" Edit: I edited the main post and left a little surprise
  14. There are two problems with the mod, unfortunally the biggest one is there is likely alot of bugs because it's not made for 1.1, second thing is the File I HAD was lost when I had to format my pc due to a problem with windows and the file could not be saved because it was corrupted....and worst part is the backup on dropbox is too old (doesen't have the Mig cockpits...) But this is not the end of it! Although it will be for quite some time i'm afraid....Right now I'm busy with exams and other stuff. After that has passed I'm be working on a side project: Crimson Prime Altough I prome
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