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  1. For reference here's a screenshot with scatterer but no clouds (thanks to an EVE bug).
  2. Just to make sure there isn't anything going wrong, is the scatterer effect supposed to be this "thick"? It's difficult to see where land is from orbit. I'm using the latest 0.0540 version of Scatterer. If it is supposed to look like that it's fine, but to me it looks thicker than the screenshots of Kerbin people have posted in the thread.
  3. Yeah, because KSP does have core flaws that can't be fixed with an update. I don't understand how it's a bad thing to admit that, since not admitting it would just mean we'd never get a version of KSP with major new gameplay.
  4. Alright, turns out ROEngines was somehow responsible for the missing FASA engines, I went through removing mods a few at a time to narrow it down and that was it. Is that intended? Thinking about it it makes sense for it to remove identical engines from other mods since it's supposed to streamline things, the problem is I "needed" the particular models from FASA, and some engines just weren't there, like the baby sergeant rockets for early US probes.
  5. Ok, so I'm not the only one with the problem. I guess the question is if those FASA engines/launch clamps just aren't supported by RO now, or if we both have something wrong with our installs.
  6. Yes, there's just one FASA, not a RO version and a non-RO version. I also have launch clamps that are using the models from FASA, but they're from the ROEngines mod, not FASA itself. The problem is that FASA contains some specific engine models that aren't in other mods, so for example even if I have the LR-105 I don't have the LR-105 that fits onto the bottom of FASA's Atlas fuel tank with the fairing.
  7. Some FASA parts seem to not be showing in the VAB, and aren't available when I try to load craft built using them. I've checked the mod folder and tried using it on a non-RO install and those parts are there, so my best guess is that the problem is with the RO configs. It seems to be all/almost all the engines that are missing, as well as the launch clamps. Are those just not compatible with RO anymore?
  8. Would you mind sending it to me as well? Unless that PR's going through.
  9. But RSS already works in 1.4, so I'm not sure why this is necessary. I'm also not sure about the etiquette behind modding, but it seems a bit rude to fork someone else's mod without talking to them about it first. I'm pretty sure that if you made a good update and talked to them about it they'd have let you add it to the github for the official RSS,
  10. That's happening because your computer is struggling to render all the particles. You might have more luck reducing the number of particles, to do that go to the smokescreen folder in gamedata, open SmokeScreen.cfg and change the maximumactiveparticles number to a lower value.
  11. There's a limit on how many particles can be shown at a time, and with lots of engines you're hitting that limit.
  12. Kopernicus is version locked, it's specifically made to only run in the version of the game it was made for.
  13. I don't suppose the unmanned before manned tech tree is mirrored on github etc? Spacedock's currently down due to a DDOS, so it can't be downloaded. Looks like it's back up.
  14. DLC is just the new word for expansions, which have been around for decades. DLC is bad if its just horse armour or new skins, but this does sound like it adds actual stuff.