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  1. KSP Making History

    DLC is just the new word for expansions, which have been around for decades. DLC is bad if its just horse armour or new skins, but this does sound like it adds actual stuff.
  2. [1.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5 (Released August 25)

    It's on the front page of this thread. Please read before posting.
  3. fixing lag abit

    Force open gl decreases performance, and by a decent bit. It just also reduces RAM usage. You should only use it if your computer has 4gb of RAM or less, and you should never use it in 64 bit KSP.
  4. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    Just copy your ksp folder. It'll work perfectly no matter how many copies you have, even if you own it on steam.
  5. It's easy to tell if it's windows 10, if your start menu looks something like this then that's what if it is. If pressing the start menu gives you a full screen thing then it's windows 8. If it is windows 10 then try the windows key and Prt SCr at the same time. If it works the screen will dim for a second. To use fraps just open it, right click the little icon in the taskbar and go to "screenshots". Then just choose the folder, button and format you want.
  6. So what version of windows does it have? I'm sorry, it's just that like I said earlier windows has been able to do screenshots for almost 20 years, so it's unlikely that that's the problem. Have you tried Fraps? It's a free program that lets you set up a shortcut to take and save a screenshot. If all else fails third party programs are usually the way to go.
  7. And that's with steam screenshots? Have you tried the screenshot system that's built into windows?
  8. So you don't have one then? It's usually down on the bottom row near the spacebar. What version of windows do you have? If it's windows 10 you can press the windows button and printscreen at the same time to save a screenshot to the pictures folder. If you're on mac or linux I'm afraid I have no idea.
  9. So you press f1 and nothing shows up? Does your keyboard have a "fn" key? Because if it does you might have to press "fn" and "f1" at the same time. This is especially likely if you have a laptop, but quite a few keyboards are like this.
  10. You can still do f1 for screenshots if you have KSP on Steam, it doesn't change anything about that. The screenshots are stored in a folder in your KSP install folder. Also Windows has been able to do screenshots since Windows 98, so your computer can't be too old to take screenshots, unless it's also too old to run KSP.
  11. Mars Series

    Ah. How'd you find it?
  12. Mars Series

    I may have been at the same event. Were you at the one in Sydney?
  13. If you upload a screenshot here I can tell you if it looks right, I have a working OPM install to compare it to, as do a lot of other people here (I imagine).
  14. The .version file in the latest update seems to be wrong, the AVC keeps telling me to update.