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  1. @HoveringKiller Me too, it kept bothering me so much, i think it's a compatibility bug with version 1.1.
  2. Nah, no thanks, i'm fine with 1.1, just have to wait for TextureReplacer to update
  3. Is this mod supports just released 1.1 ? Or only 1.1 pre-release version?
  4. @Alshain That's still takes a long time right? My game automatically updated to 1.1 on steam, i forgot to turn off automatic updater, so, i can't play with TextureReplacer for now, i might have to remove it.
  5. YAY The next phase is.. Mods gettintg them updated to 1.1 can be a hassle I believe
  6. Ah yeah, I didn't read that carefully before.. thanks for reminding me, my bad!
  7. Im using this, but the cockpits and crew cabin windows all lacks lights, when option of "Lights On" is clicked, it doesnt do anything, is this a bug?
  8. Is hotrockets compatible with 1.0.5 ?
  9. @Andem makes sense, though it will make terrafoming process a little bit easier in reaI life
  10. What makes it toxic? I really want to go there, but I haven't had any experience with interplanetary travel
  11. Okay.. now i'm just hoping that Squad updated the game to Unity 5 and make it work properly with 64 bit OS, we really need that.