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  1. A couple tips, keep the SSMEs Roll gimbal locked up to SRB separation, and if you're going of accuracy, STS-1 didn't actually roll to a heads-up orientation, the Shuttle started doing that later on to communicate through TDRSS.
  2. Thanks for getting back, I'll reinstall the other mod and check the Log.
  3. I encountered the same message after installing NavBall Texture Changer in 1.12.2. When I tried loading a save file I couldn't click the VAB, SPH or Tracking Station, uninstalling NBTC solved those issues, I previously used both TweakScale and NavBall Texture changer without issue in 1.11, with a similar set of mods.
  4. The SIM Bay and MESA are from BDB, the LRV is mostly ReStock, Benjee's Canadarm for the robotics, and Tweakscale to get the proportions right.
  5. It's built into the fairings, when you stage the skirt, or the S-IC mount the covers pop out automatically.
  6. I don't want to download all this, can you split up the mod? I wish it was that easy! At this point, splitting up the mod would be a good deal of work, as well as additional overhead to maintain. Additionally, despite the frequency this gets asked, nobody seems to agree on how the mod should be split up! However, the mod is easily prunable. Deleting folders inside Gamedata/Bluedog_DB/Parts/ will delete that part family without breaking other parts of the mod. For finer pruning, mods like Janitor's Closet can be used to remove parts from within the game.
  7. Looking awesome @Beale, my only suggestion would be to add some plumbing between the tank and the engines, it looks a bit odd with them sitting on the plate unconnected to the fuel tank.
  8. It looks like the regular IR Rework parts with the efffector/grapple from this mod.
  9. That looks awesome!, can't wait to try it out.
  10. How are you going to make the landing gear? It would be awesome if there was a way to implement landing skids.
  11. I finished up the Saturn and Apollo USA textures I was working on a while back. Now includes Saturn I, Saturn IB, Saturn V and the Apollo CSM. Download Link: http://bit.ly/2n24w0R Enjoy!
  12. IMO the SRBs should be 1.875m since the real ET was 8.4m and the SRBs 3.7, so under half the size. That would make them more proportional. Same for the LRBs, they would look a bit too big at 3.125. Just a thought though, looking forward to playing around with these parts. Cheers
  13. Could you add the option to toggle the docking port on the capsules such as on the station parts?
  14. I have not actually, I could make a Github account though. I could totally give other parts the same treatment ( make a USA and KSP version)! EDIT: I made a Github account, just have to figure out how to use it now. BTW you left some .mbm textures on the Saturn folder, the .dds ones only worked when I removed them and one of the black stripes is still upside down, the white parts all look right though.
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