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  1. Today for me can only be described as SSTO Follies...hehe. I've always wanted to build things like spaceplanes but have been hesitant due to my relative inexperience. But, you know, sometimes, you have to push past it and just dive in and start slapping parts together in addition to reading guides and FAQs. I have an SSTO project in progress that shows promise (and I've actually gotten it to fly) but a few niggling problems connected to CoM still plague me but I persevere in between some of the most spectacular crashes I've ever set up. I know I'm closing in on a solution and the trial and error is really fun. Wallace
  2. Thanks Guys, I figured out that all I had to do was to get the tourist outside the atmosphere and back again. Thanks also for the suggestions to provide screenshots. I will definitely keep that in mind for future posts Wallace
  3. Hey Guys, I recently started a game in Career Mode and starting out has been fairly easy but I've run into a contract that I cannot seem to complete. It's a contract where you have to ferry a tourist to their destinations and back. I keep thinking that I need to launch to a particular altitude but each attempt achieves nothing in the way of completion. I haven't unlocked multi crew pods yet so I've had to stack two pods to carry the pilot and tourist. Any ideas how to fulfill this contract? Thanks Wallace
  4. What would I like to see in 1.8? I would like the ability to walk around in created stations. I know that we can see inside them but for me it would add a new dimension to not only build and deploy but also to see everything from the inside. Wallace
  5. Working my way through the tutorials in between playing around with building surface rovers.
  6. Hey Guys, It occurred to me as I was running the Go For Orbit tutorial that there isn't much about KSP that isn't entertaining and that includes the loading screen. When you think of game loading screens, the word "entertaining" doesn't often enter the picture but in this case, some of the terms are downright hilarious in my opinion. Granted, I've had to ponder some of the things being mentioned but overall, I've chuckled at most of it. Wallace
  7. I'd say getting out of Kerbin orbit and exploring the rest of the system. I've watched a ton of YouTube videos that have inspired me. I guess I don't have any specific focus at this time. My current priority is to become more proficient with the game
  8. The new content is very enjoyable and I look forward to diving into all of it once I complete the Tutorials. :)
  9. Hi Guys, Not sure if I ever introduced myself properly to the group and since I just came back to the game after a long absence, I figured I'd do a reintro. Wallace
  10. Just bought KSP today and I'm loving it already. Crashed a bunch of rockets so far getting the hang of the game, but thankfully the body count has been kept low so far. Great game.
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