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  1. JT531

    QnA someone with experience!

    In RSS, how many km/s do I need to do a flyby of mars?
  2. JT531

    QnA someone with experience!

    Exactly! I just provided you with an example! Now you can use it!
  3. JT531

    My own KSP challenge

    I'm sure someone has, they just haven't posted about it in recent memory. also.. are you planning a grand tour sort of thing or one-planet-at-a-time? good luck!
  4. JT531

    QnA someone with experience!

    lemme hit you with another one... What is the mass of a neutron star the size of a pear if it were teleported to the middle of the sea floor on earth, while the earth was at its aphelion during a solar eclipse?
  5. JT531

    QnA someone with experience!

    How do I jool?
  6. JT531

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finally made it to duna and back! I only had to load my quicksave about 14 times.
  7. #KSPFTW If anyone got confused, that means "Kerbal Space Program For The Win." Okay, just making sure.
  8. JT531

    Duna Missions

    Is this like a new show or something?
  9. JT531

    Jool 500 Kolonization Challenge

    I still don't understand how people can do this sort of thing while I'm still trying to design a Duna lander.
  10. When you're in bored in class and begin to plan your next Jool probe. And when the teacher asks you a question, you say "I only need about 3000 m/s of DV to get into orbit!"
  11. JT531

    Getting started... sort of

    Just FYI, a 1140 kg fuel tank (The grey ones) and three liquid fuel "thud" engines can land you on the Mun from orbit and get back to kerbin with plenty of fuel to spare. Otherwise, though, keep trying!
  12. How to I get into orbit with my nuclear engines?! I can get an encounter with Duna/Eve fairly easily, but my engines never have enough power to get into orbit. I'll end up getting a flyby, which is great for science but very frustrating. Help?
  13. JT531

    Mun Elcano Run [Over 520 km covered!]

    This feels like I'm reading The Martian, but on the Mun with kerbals.
  14. JT531

    Best mods

    I had the same problem as you actually, and ended up getting a bunch of mods. I deleted most of them, but the ones I kept were Kerbal Engineer: I know that everyone thinks this mod is for superadvanced players, but it also tells you things like your eccentricity and your hottest part on your spacecraft, TWR ratio, etc. Station Science: Basically makes orbital stations actually do stuff. You can bring up pods to do experiments, and other stuff. It's kinda complicated tho. Module Manager: Helps makes some mods work. IFI life support and Planetshine are cool mods also. There's a lot of mods out there though, just keep looking.