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  1. found it! its inside this mod. what is so awesome too is they both work in currant version so im ecstatic.. thanks again guys for helping
  2. yes! its the thrust plate! thanks Marandil and Tyko. now i just need to find the adjustable fuel tank
  3. hi, i can't remember which mod a part came from here's the details, Its an engine plate. default white visual looks: disc (about as thick a decoupler or disc probe core) covered in small square ceramic tiles (very nice 3dtexture the tiles look beveled) adjustable nodes for engine placement, 1 to 8 iirc could be resized (or was it cause i used tweakscale cant rem) there was also a mod where you could have one tank that you could adjust to any size shape and texture incl steel what was that mod? i wish i had pictures thanks in advance
  4. i love the mod, its a staple of my list but i dont really like the shutters on the Cupola. (dont look good when i use the cupola as a rover cockpit.) Would it be possible to have a button on the rightclick menu when in the VAB/SPH to toggle the shutters to "with" or "Without" please?
  5. Thanks! i was tempted to // in front of the lines instead of taking it out. but changing it to a warmer contrast might be an idea. at least KSP is not in beta anymore and thus i wouldnt have to edit 'every month' hehe Thanks again for your help, yr a star
  6. Thanks IgorZ. I drag n dropped StockLights.cfg to my desktop. The Lights intensity has returned! wonderfull. i wonder why the engine misses it in my case. i havent come across anyone else that has this problem, i posted in a couple of places and no one has said they have the same problem. i think when ksp is updated again im going to do a clean install of it. anyway.. thanks a bunch IgorZ, you da maan.
  7. Thanks for replying IgorZ. As requested here are the dropbox links to a new test: KSP.log + a screenshot of the lights turned on shining on the floor. (With & Without in their file names) I used CKAN to add and remove my mods. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cifc3eid8pyp37t/KSPlog with SML.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yutirytziehsmx2/screenshot21WithSML.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s70k0qx4ealwevd/KSPlog Without SML.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ygpkijy6ut6yn1/screenshot20withoutSML.png?dl=0 if its not SML i am so very sorry for having you put
  8. can someone help me please. I have a problem with the strength of the lights since i came back from a break. i use this mod in all my play through's I found it indispensable. every mod i have installed is up to date and unedited.. this is if you think i may have edited a file to mess up some lighting. i have Stock Visual Enhancements and through that Scatterer/EVE. Minimum ambient lighting(of which is default-no movement of slider) (the only mods i can think of that makes adjustments to lights). Distant object enhancement also. in the game gfx setting page the Ambient
  9. I just came back from a burnout period. Wow, your leaving. I hope you wont be a stranger to the community. ...and it goes without saying, your mods and dedication to them were awesome you will be missed. I've had many hours of fun due to mods like yours making life easier (sometimes harder-in a good way). i wanted to show you some appreciation..and all the other mod'rs out there. /thumbsup
  10. Hey Nils277 Love this mod awesome funs. I have a request. If its at all possible can you add a node to the Lynx Extendable Docking Port ? (in the centre) See my pic for my Problem: https://imgur.com/RhPhifo even if its an assembly building selection on/off option. it would be awesome. Thanks for listening :-)
  11. Have the setting in stock changed? my lights are crap. mk1 spotlights dont reflect at all. (yes they are turned on;-p) the reflection is like a match. i used to be able to line up lights in the VAB/SPH now that the reflection is so low i cant even see the beam to line the lights up to show on the ground where they reflect. please anyone! is there a setting i can adjust in the cfg's to make the lights reflection brighter the way it used to be
  12. hi just a quick question for a nubster that is trying this mod for the first time. at what stage do the wings become available in the tech tree, i dont see them in career but i do in 'creative'
  13. so I'm a little confused, I built a vessel to launch into orbit with a recycle bin(large) attatched to the front to clear some of the debris of my previous missions, I have a msv 2000 metal container (blue) on the vessel to store the recycled materials gained. the recycler 'grabs' the debris (old launch stages/fairings etc) and procedes to 'eat it up' however the msv2000 never gains metal. so in effect my debris is being deleted. have I got the wrong container?
  14. SuicidalInsanity , I am wondering. The 5way mk2 rcs block. could you add the option to switch the colour to stockalike white as well as the default black? Mainly because when I learn your rcs thrusters I never use any others and I love using them on my rockets. would be cool if you added it to a to do list - not asking for right away as its just cosmetic. but if it can be done would be great for the look of my craft.
  15. Rickswan after updating a few mods yesturday morning the button came back It seems to be fixed by one of the mod authers... sorry cant help u more, but wasnt anything i did that fixed it
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