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  1. I have finally constructed a vessel which can achieve LTO in my 2.5x save. It has taken so long to design and build a craft that works and is small enough to be transported there efficiently (well its still pretty big but its about as small as I could get it). So I present for your viewing pleasure, my craft reaching LTO to Hans Zimmer's "Flight"
  2. Just you guys wait, I hope to build a crewed rocket which can go from Tellumo's surface (on a mountain) to orbit in 2.5x scale. IMHO the hardest part will be entry rather than ascent.
  3. Thanks for adding this Galileo! GPP 2.5x contracts usually don't give enough funds to make deep space missions worthwhile and thus you become stuck in the inner system unless you want to do a hundred inner system contracts to save up for a manned Nero mission. This mod finally allows me to fund it with the massive science points gain from such a mission.
  4. I have noticed this issue as well in my 2.5x scale save. It seems to happen if you don't land right near or on Lilli's poles. I thought when I scaled up to 2.5x the (slightly) higher gravity for Lilli might help, it seems this is to no avail.
  5. Dang it! I love 2.5x because it makes the game realistically challenging with it essentially having the same mass to orbit ratios of RSS.
  6. Is that planet/moon going to be added into Grannus's orbit I hope? I like its atmospheric looks and have my fingers crossed.
  7. I am excited to see this release, I will keep my 1.2.2 version until the beautiful dust storms and such return though.
  8. BTW now that the threat is back open I finished my Niven Manned Return video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEgAMREz0GY
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEgAMREz0GY&feature=youtu.be I just completed my manned return from Niven in GPP 2.5x scale. It was a challenging mission due to the use of stock parts in a scaled-up save but with MOAR boosters and a good bit of Kerbucks it is doable.
  10. Hold onto your seats, I am building/ designing/filming a 2.5x manned mission and return from Niven. It is going to be quite the challenge but with my recent download of camera tools along with some Zack Hemsey music and very large rockets, it should be good.
  11. Just some quick videos I made now that I finally installed camera tools. Time to make some videos.
  12. Rip I will have to mute the music, which is Muse, the Handler.
  13. Here is a snippet from my career gameplay. I sent as light of a probe as possible in order to cheaply have the deltaV to get to Otho in 2.5x. The burn to intersect with its orbit was 3600m/s from LGO plus 180m/s of corrections and an 750m/s capture burn. The video is only accessible through link since it uses copyrighted content in order to please the Youtube Gods, also it is demonetized.
  14. Lightning!!!!!! When are the gas giants going to have auroras?
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